Welcome to Xplore Summer at TVS!

Xplore Summer at TVS provides participants with safe, unique, and fun learning experiences. Each year, over 750 participants, ages 3-18, attend at least one camp and many return for several weeks! We welcome students from all over the FW area and beyond.

Xplore programs focus on growing active, confident, and creative young humans, and we aim to do this by offering a wide variety of camp and class topics. Participants have many opportunities to try out something new or take a deep dive into an already developing interest.

Call or email any time with your questions, and look forward to Xplore 2022 information being available on February 28, 2022!

Nicole Forbes, Director of Extracurricular Programs or 817-321-0100

Nicole Forbes


Director of Extracurricular Programs
817-321-0100 x203