Student life at TVS

At Trinity Valley School, we believe that what happens outside of the classroom can be just as important as what goes on in the traditional academic setting. Consequently, there are myriad opportunities for students to become immersed in the life of the school in so many ways. Of note:

  • Our students are involved in dozens of community service opportunities throughout the Fort Worth and community and beyond, in addition to playing on any number of the seventy athletic teams at TVS.
  • Students perform, built and design the set, or work the lights in any number of our theater performances, kindergarten through grade twelve.
  • They participate in any number of trips through the Trojan Outdoor Experience and/or the Global Initiatives program
  • They may join any one of the forty clubs in the upper school or they may decide to create and form their own, with the help of a faculty sponsor
  • Student government is an integral part of school life and many students thrive through this engagement
  • Students also serve as tour guides and admission hosts and are an integral part of our admissions process