The TVS House System

One of our overt initiatives this year includes the continued development of our students as leaders through systematic and intentional experiences and learning opportunities. These already happen every day, through a variety of traditional methods in arts, academics, and athletics, but we are pursuing even more opportunities.

Seeking to capitalize on these relationships as a catalyst for teaching leadership, we introduced THE HOUSE SYSTEM. Based on the Old English/Australian boarding-school model, each student is placed in a House. Each of the 10 Houses is named after an important attribute such as Curiosity House, Integrity House, Loyalty House, Creativity House, and the like.

Within each House, every K-5 student is paired with an older buddy. In sixth grade, students remain with their older buddy (now in 12th grade), but together they are also buddies for a kindergarten student in anticipation of the sixth grader being the sole buddy for that younger student the following year.


Creativity House
Nicole Markel
Peren Lopez
Curiosity House
Sophie Appel
Logan Buffington
Dignity House
Callie Mitchell
Na'im Ahdieh
Fidelity House
Caroline Snow
Gage Brazell
Honesty House
Caroline Sloter
Alex Lerma
Humility House
Lauren Yonke
Chris Pezanosky
Integrity House
Paige Bekish
Kishan Kalaria
Loyalty House
Grayce Andrews
Jared Busby
Resiliency House
Rowen Kleithermes
Luke Anderson
Tenacity House
Brooke Rosen
Wish Lorimer