Virtual Learning Exchanges

Connecting with others through the Internet

Essential to a TVS Global Education are multinational online learning exchanges. Through these mediums, we are able to connect entire grades and classes with people from different cultures via blogs, live conversations, and video exchanges. Since the Program began in the summer of 2011, students in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools have used these technologies to learn together about a variety of topics with students from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Canada, France, Germany, Greenland, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Mauritania, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom (Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England), and we are always seeking new connections with new schools.

  • Kindergarten students have used Skype and letter and book exchanges to learn about life in two English cities;
  • Second graders have exchanged videos and blogged about school and life with students in South Korea, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia;
  • Third graders have blogged with students in Indonesia and Skyped with students in London;
  • Fourth graders have exchanged videos with students practicing their English at an after-school in Taiwan and Skyped with students in Scotland;
  • Fifth and sixth graders practiced their Spanish online with students in Spain and Skyped with classmates in Scotland;
  • Sixth graders have blogged with students in Greenland; made Epals in 10 different countries; and exchanged videos about school life and our culture with Japanese students;
  • Seventh graders have used video exchanges to learn about Mexico-Texas relations around the time of Texas' independence with students in Mexico;
  • Eighth graders have discussed (in blogs and via Skype) poetry, issues of discrimination, immigration, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream with students in Scotland;
  • Ninth graders have done a Q&A blog with TVS alumni who were Peace Corps Volunteers in Burkina Faso and Zambia;
  • Upper School Spanish II students practiced their Spanish skills (written, spoken, and listening) with students in Spain online;
  • Upper School French students shared audio files to practice listening and speaking skills with student in France.
  • Other Upper School students have Skyped with the U.S. Ambassador to Mauritania (a TVS alumnus); debated various topics with students in Mexico via Skype; made an English language video for Danish students; Skyped and blogged with students in the Netherlands; blogged about or exchanged videos about topics such as the environment, chemistry, poetry, religion, leadership, and Catholic-Protestant conflicts in 1960s Northern Ireland with students in Argentina, Mexico, Hungary, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

Open the bars below to see what our students have been learning with others from around the world. In some cases, both schools agreed to make the conversations public. In others, we have agreed to keep them private (Web links are not provided in those cases).


A select group of students used the app on TVS iPads to play chess matches with students at Rivendell College, a Pre-K - 8 school in Toluca, Mexico. (2013)


  • Using a blog, students here and at Hampden Gurney and Queen's College Prep (both in London) learned about life in each other’s countries. (2011-13)
  • Students Skyped and exchanged handwritten letters with Queen's College Preparatory School students in London, England (2013; 2014)
  • Students Skyped and exchanged favorite class books with the English Bicknor Primary School in Coleford, England (2015-18).


  • Mrs. Cooper’s students Skyped with students in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (2012)
  • All 2nd Grade classes blogged with students from various parts of the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia (Fall 2013)
  • All 2nd graders exchanged videos about school and life with students at the Korean International School near Seoul, South Korea. (2015-16)


In the springs of 2012-15, 3rd graders blogged about regions of the USA and islands of Indonesia with new friends at the Dyatmika School in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. In 2014, students from Queen's College Preparatory School in London, England also joined the conversations. On these blogs, the students were both the teachers and the learners! They also Skyped with their peers at St. George's School for Girls in Scotland, U.K. in 2014.


  • Students exchanged videos about school and life with students at the Chiba Language School in Pingtung, Taiwan. (2015-18)
  • Many 4th graders also Skyped with students at St. George's School for Girls (Scotland, U.K.) to learn about animals of Scotland (2017).


  • A group of 5th graders Skyped with students at St. George's School for Girls in Edinburgh, Scotland to learn about Scottish animals (2017).
  • Students practiced their Spanish skills (written, spoken, and listening) with students their age at Mendialdea in Campezo, Spain. (Both grades in 2015; 6th in 2016-17), (2016-17), (2015)

6TH GRADE (AGES 11-12)

  • Since 2012, 6th graders in their Global Studies classes have exchanged videos about life and school in Fort Worth, Texas and Nagaoka, Japan with Oojima Elementary School. Click on the link below to watch a video we sent them about lunch at TVS. (2012)
  • Additionally, in 2013-15, they added a blog and video exchange about culture with the Ukaliusak School in Nuuk, Greenland. (2015)
  • Science classes also used a blog to begin a conversation about the flight of monarch butterflies and culture with students at Rivendell College, a Pre-K - 8 school in Toluca, Mexico. (2013-14)
  • In 2017-18, Global Studies students learned about kids in 10 different countries via an E-pals exchange (Canada, Croatia, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and Uruguay).

7TH GRADE (AGES 12-13)

Humanities students used a private discussion board (Edmodo) to discuss Mexico-Texas relations with students at Buena Tierra, a Pre-K - 8 school) in Toluca, Mexico. (2013-14)

8TH GRADE (AGES 13-14)

  • Since 2011, our 8th graders have been collaborating with students at St. George’s School for Girls in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
    • Students discussed U.S. and Scottish poetry; a select group also talked about their “Poetry Manifestos” in real time via Skype (2011-12);
    • Our English and History classes collaborated to discuss with the St. Georges' students U.S. civil rights, immigration, and other important historical events in the U.S.; the exchanges ended with an 80-minute Skype chat (2012-13);
    • Students "met" via Skype in October and discussed U.S. immigration via a discussion board (2013-14);
    • The classes shared opinions concerning whether the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has been achieved (2014-15);
    • Students discussed immigration and whether Dr. King's vision has been realized via an online discussion (2015-18).
  • Spanish language students practiced their communication skills via Skype with students at Buena Tierra (Metepec, Mexico) and Colegio CEMEP (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) in 2017-18.
  • In 2012, a group of 8th graders volunteered to learn more about and discuss “Occupy Wall Street” with students at the Bavarian International School in Haimhausen, Germany. The discussion began with Skyping in small groups to get to know each other a little (and to see each other). (2012)
  • Sra. Bussey's (retired in 2017) 8th-grade Advisory Group initiated an open discussion with students at a school in Tyrol, Austria. (2014-15)


  • Spanish II students practiced their written, spoken, and listening skills with students their age at Mendialdea in Campezo, Spain (Fall 2015);
  • Students in "Global Leadership" course Skyped with U.S. Ambassador Larry André (TVS alumnus '79) to Nouakchott, Mauritania (Fall 2015);
  • TVS students in "Religion in Culture" shared ideas about "local religions" with students at Tec de Monterrey High School (Toluca, Mexico) and Racozi High School (Budapest, Hungary). (2014-15);
  • Chemistry students began a discussion about what they appreciate about chemistry with students at Tec de Monterrey (Toluca and Metepec campuses, Mexico). (2014);
  • A group of Upper School history students began a dialogue about the political and sectarian violence of Northern Ireland beginning in 1969 with students at Drumragh Integrated College in Omagh, Northern Ireland, UK (2014);
  • Debate Club students Skyped with students at Tec de Monterrey in Toluca, Mexico to practice their debate skills and learn about each others' cultures (2013);
  • Environmental Science students blogged about water issues with students at Chaltel College (high school) in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2013);
  • French language students did a "Mystery Skype" with students outside of Paris (2014) and AP French students exchanged letters and audio files about different social and political topics with students from Institution Saint Stanislas in Nîmes, France (2015-17);
  • Biology students sent questions to our alumni Peace Corps Volunteers in Burkina Faso and Zambia and discussed their responses in class (2012);
  • Our World Cultures Club began an open blog with high school students from different parts of the world to discuss various aspects of life (2011-present).
  • Junior World Affairs Council students made an English language video for Danish students of English based on taste-testing Danish foods in 2017; coordinated by a former International Assistant Teacher from Denmark (@ TVS Fall 2012).
  • Junior World Affairs Council Sister Schools Club students shared views on politics and pop culture via Skype and a blog with students at Utrechts Stedelijk Gymnasium (Utrechts, the Netherlands) in 2017-18.

We are always looking for new connections to bring students and teachers from around the world together through virtual academic and social exchanges. Please contact Dr. Roemer if you would like to join us. All K-12 students and teachers are invited!

Global friendships start here.