Stephen Seleny Travel Endowment Application



Application for financial assistance is open to current 8th-12th grade TVS students in good academic and disciplinary standing and for all TVS Trojans Abroad and TOE Beyond-Abroad Programs. TVS families who are currently receiving Financial Aid for tuition are especially invited to apply; however, the Committee will consider all applications.

Students are eligible to apply for funding for only one TVS Travel Program per year.

Award amounts:

As with tuition, TVS believes that the family should bear primary responsibility for the cost of any TVS Travel Program. However, this endowment allows us to provide limited funds to a small number of students.

The amount of financial support that applicants may receive depends on:

  1. the total annual budget for the Endowment, which will vary from year to year;
  2. the number of students applying for assistance;
  3. the age of applicants (older students may have priority);
  4. the cost of the trip for which the applicant is applying; and
  5. the applicant's personal statement and financial need based on the family's most recent 1040, TVS financial aid award, or other relevant information provided (all due at time of application).

This year, the maximum amount of support per applicant will range from $250-$1,000, depending on the above factors.

Application Details:

Applications are due to Kiley Brannon (TVS Main Office) by October 16, 2020, regardless of when trip program sign ups or applications are due. LATE OR INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS MIGHT NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR AN AWARD.

All information submitted will be kept confidential and will only be used to assess your need for a TVS Travel Program. Decisions for aid will be made by a committee, including the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, the Chief Financial Officer, the Director of Global Education, the Director of Experiential Education, and/or the Heads of Middle and Upper Schools, approximately two weeks prior to sign up deadlines for each Program.

Before accessing the online application, please know or prepare the following information:

  1. the approximate cost of the Travel Program (see Trojans Abroad Programs);
  2. the maximum amount you and your family can contribute towards the Program;
  3. the amount of funding you expect from other sources (e.g., family gifts, money from babysitting or part-time work, etc.); and
  4. a Personal Statement written by the student:

In 200-700 words please describe the following:

    1. your motivation for joining this program;
    2. what you hope to contribute to this program;
    3. how you intend to share what you experienced with the TVS community after you return; and
    4. how this program will help you become a better person (at TVS and beyond)

We suggest that you write your Personal Statement in a separate document and copy/paste it into the online application. Take your time, proofread carefully, and ask someone to give you feedback before you submit it.

Application Instructions:

STEP 1: If you are currently receiving financial assistance at TVS, you only need to complete the online application.

If you are NOT currently receiving financial assistance at TVS, by October 16, 2020, submit a copy of the front page of your family's most recent 1040 Federal Tax Return and any other documentation you wish to explain your situation (including a letter from a parent) and your need. Submit all documents in a sealed envelope to Dr. Michael Roemer (Global Education Dir.). If parents are separated or divorced, submit forms for all parents/legal guardians with custody of the applicant (including step-parents who bear financial responsibility for the applicant).

STEP 2: Complete the online application by October 16, 2020.

Online application: CLICK HERE

If you have been awarded funds, you must complete the following steps:

STEP 1: Communicate clearly with the Global Education Dir. by the deadline given whether you will accept the award and commit to the program.

STEP 2: Complete and turn in all program forms on time, including:

  1. original (not photocopy) TVS Waiver/Indemnification form,
  2. original (not photocopy) Student Agreement Form,
  3. passport photocopy,
  4. deposit/funds due (less your award); and
  5. any online registration required by third party trip programs (e.g., Explorica, Prometour, etc.)

To protect the identity of each applicant and recipient, names will not be announced to the community.

For more information:

Contact the Director of Global Education (Dr. Michael Roemer).