Hosting Tips/FAQs

Our guests mostly need a bed to sleep in (students ages 14-18 don’t need their own rooms, necessarily; young adults and adults will need their own rooms), breakfasts and dinners with the family (school lunches are covered by TVS), and a family who’s interested in sharing our culture and learning about theirs.

You can do what you normally do—you will just be sharing it with one more person!

Hosting Tips

  • Let your guest see what “normal” life is like in your home.

  • Play board or video games with them—with the whole family, if possible.

  • Help them adjust to our time zone and schedule by encouraging them to go to sleep and wake at healthy times (about 8 hours of sleep per night).

  • Try to learn some phrases/words in their language—they will feel honored and respected!

  • Include your guest in household chores and rules to make her or him feel part of the family (especially after a few days).

  • Avoid taking guests out to eat food from their country (unless they specifically request it).

  • Connect with the other TVS host families and do activities together.

  • Downtime is fine. Don’t feel that you have to “entertain” your guest constantly.

  • Don’t hesitate to contact the Director of Global Education or their Chaperone with questions, to share fun stories and pictures, or to report issues.


Global friendships start here.