In-Person Exchanges

Connecting with others face-to-face

Recent research on pedagogy and centuries of anecdotal evidence show us that experiential learning is one of the most effective ways to learn. We offer our students repeated opportunities to host foreign guests and study abroad, we welcome teachers from different cultures and experiences to work with our students and faculty in and out of the classroom, and we invite guest speakers to share their stories with our community. These experiences help our students achieve our Global Competencies (Self-Awareness, Empathy, Cross-cultural Communication, Cross-cultural Understanding) as we learn about different cultures, and we all benefit from this ever-growing network of global friendships. In-person contacts advance cognitive, communicative, and collaborative skills, and our community progresses as we learn to empathize and treat all others with dignity.

In recent years, full-time international students have come from China and South Korea, and they live with TVS families while attending classes for credit. TVS foreign families who live in Fort Worth temporarily are also an important part of our community.

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In addition to these guests, our educators invite university professors, public leaders, business experts, and a host of other influential, dynamic individuals to share their time and experiences with our community.

Global friendships start here.