Quick Facts

In 2019-20 (despite COVID-19), we carried out in-person and virtual learning exchanges with people from Australia, China, Denmark, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, & Taiwan.

Since the program’s inception in July 2011...

Since July 2011...

Our Global Partner Schools/Universities with which we have conducted a number of--often annual--exchanges include Auguste-Viktoria-Gymnasium (Trier, Germany), Buena Tierra Colegio (Metepec, Mexico), Beijing High School No. 4 (China), Chiba Language School (Pingtung, Taiwan), Colegio CEMEP (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic), English Bicknor Primary School (Coleford, England), Kaiwen Academy (Beijing, China), Oojima Elementary School (Nagaoka, Japan), Saint-Stanislas (Nîmes, France), St. George’s School for Girls (Edinburgh, Scotland), Tec de Monterrey High School (Toluca/Metepec, Mexico), UC SYD (Esbjerg, Denmark), University College Leuven/Limburg (Belgium), University of Gothenburg (Sweden), VIA University College (Aarhus & Silkeborg, Denmark), Victoriaskola (Gothenburg, Sweden), Whitsunday Anglican School (Mackay, Australia), Yamamoto Jr. High School (Nagaoka, Japan), Yoita Elementary School (Nagaoka, Japan), Zurich University of Teacher Education (Zürich, Switzerland)