Faculty Development and Resources

TVS Educators are always looking for ways to connect with colleagues within their discipline, expand their understanding of how students learn, and present at and attend conferences and workshops within their fields and in education. Below are a few examples that highlight faculty development with a global perspective.

TVS Faculty, please visit our Global Education Faculty Resources Pages (updated monthly) for TVS activities and off-campus workshops, talks, events, resources, and travel abroad opportunities.

For everyone else, please scroll down to read a few highlights exemplifying how our educators are constantly trying to learn more and add more global perspectives to their classes.


In the past four years, many faculty from each division have participated in Fort Worth Sister Cities International’s “Global Classrooms” workshops and they regularly attend conferences/workshops in foreign countries and lectures by esteemed speakers (such as President Vicente Fox [Mexico], Prime Minister Jean Cretien [Canada], Ambassador John Doer [Canada], President Álvaro Uribe [Colombia], and President Olusegun Obasanjo [Nigeria]). Such faculty development generates enthusiasm and discussion among colleagues and with students.

Lower School Faculty Development—Highlights

Karen Arrington and Jane Cooper (Library and Technology; 2nd-grade teacher) Attended Global Educators Conference in La Jolla, California (Summer 2011--resulted in new uses of technology to connect with people from Canada and Indonesia)

Carol Gramentine, Courtney Prescott, and Donna Weth (3rd-grade teachers) Visited schools in Bali, Indonesia (July 2011--resulted in Virtual Exchanges with the Dyatmika School)

Harriett Moore, Kay Newton, and Nancy Rea (Kindergarten teachers) Traveled to London and Scotland to visit Pre-K and Lower Schools (Summer 2011--resulted in Virtual Exchanges for their classes and for our 8th graders)

Lourdes Nedrelow Sanders (3rd- to 5th-grade Spanish) spent 10 days in Nicaragua training to take our students on trips abroad, learning about service-learning projects, practicing her Spanish daily, and bonding with host families (Aug. 2013--resulted in new ideas and resources for creating even safer, more rewarding trips abroad for our students; she is also sharing her Nicaraguan experiences with her students)

Middle School Faculty Development—Highlights

Jared Knight (6th-grade Global Studies teacher; TVS Alumnus '04) Documented his sister's dogsled adventure on the 1000-mile Yukon Quest (Feb 2015). Click here to see pictures and learn more.

Erin MacNabb (7th-grade Science teacher) Participated in the One Ocean Expeditions and Marathon Travel and Tours trip to Antarctics (Feb 2015). Click here to see pictures and learn more.

Robin Preston (5th-grade Science teacher) Participated in scientific expedition to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador (Summer 2011--resulted in new biology/ecology lessons)

Upper School Faculty Development—Highlights

Nathan Johnston (Social Studies teacher) Participated in a teacher exchange with the Prague British School in Prague, Czech Republic for one week to observe and teach classes with its eighth- to 12th-grade students and faculty (June 2015). Two Teachers from PBS spent a week at TVS in May 2015.

Dr. Bill Shelton (Social Studies teacher) Led an AP U.S. History workshop and training in Shanghai, China. (March 2015)

Candace Smalley (Mathematics teacher) Led an AP Mathematics workshop in Singapore. (Spring 2015)

Deb DeVore (Mathematics teacher) Lived with a host family and observed classes at our partner school, Beijing High School No. 4. (March 2014--resulted in new ideas for teaching and student experiences)

Melissa Burkhead (Mathematics teacher) Attended mathematics and technology conferences in Spain and Colombia and presented at a 2-day AP Calculus conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Summer 2011--resulted in new lessons, new use of technologies, and new discussions in the classroom)

Dr. Don and Anna Carlson (English/Drama teachers) Took TVS students to London, Oxford, and Statford-upon-Avon to attend Shakespeare workshops and watch a variety of shows and experience parts of England (Summer 2013 and 2015--resulted in new ideas, skills, and knowledge to share with their students)

Janet Chaffee (Fine Arts teacher) Participated in the International Residency for Visual Arts in Hilmsen, Germany (Summer 2011--resulted in new styles and ideas to share with her students)

Jennifer Cooke (Science teacher) Participated in scientific expedition to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador (Summer 2012--resulted in new biology lessons)

Luke Jacob (Director of Learning and Curriculum/English teacher) Lived in Hungary as a Fulbright Fellow (resulted in new teaching styles and knowledge of Eastern Europe) and participated in an exclusive writing workshop in Ireland (resulted in new writing skills and ideas which he shares with his students)

Rachel Thompson (Spanish teacher) Spent three days at a teacher-training workshop for taking students abroad (George School, PA) and 15 days in Ecuador leading students, living with host families, practicing her Spanish daily, and training for the Spain trip she organized for July 2014 (Summer 2013--resulted in new ideas and resources for creating even safer, more rewarding trips abroad for our students; she is also sharing her Ecuador experiences with her students)

Gene Sessa (Spanish/Theater Teacher) Traveled to Peru (Summer 2013--resulted in new stories and pictures to share with his students)

Athletics Faculty Development—Highlights

Kyle Kennedy (Athletics Instructor/Coach) Traveled to Fort Worth's Italian Sister City of Reggio Emilia to lead Ft. Worth students from TVS and elsewhere in the Italian Junior Olympics; helped sponsor an Upper School basketball team from Australia (resulted in Athletics’ introduction of new PE lessons)

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