Travel Abroad Programs
Travel Abroad Programs

Trojans Abroad Programs: (SIGN UP NOW TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!) CLICK HERE to apply!

  • ENGLAND/SCOTLAND: Witness firsthand the literature and history of this island in Edinburgh, Canterbury, Oxford, York, and London; 10-18 students; ~June 11-20; ~$4,300
  • FRANCE: Improve your in French and dive into French history and culture while living with a local family; Paris & NĂ®mes; 10-18 students; March 5-14; ~$4,500
  • JAPAN: Learn about and reflect upon notions of War & Peace while exploring some of Japan's most famous shrines, temples, and war museums in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima; 8-14 students; ~July 10-23; ~$4,700

Through the Stephen Seleny Travel Endowment, we now have limited funds available to support students traveling on a TVS abroad program.