Students Named to Attend Diversity Leadership Conference
Students Named to Attend Diversity Leadership Conference

Each year, TVS has the opportunity to put forth several students for the lottery for participation in the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC). The SDLC is held each year in conjunction with the PoCC (People of Color Conference, for faculty/staff).

This year, our nominating committee presented six students for participation in this year's virtual conference, and these nominees (names below) were accepted for inclusion in the event which will take place Tuesday through Friday, November 30-December 3:

Chloe Hoyt

Maura Kahuda

Sav Kennedy

Kate Roemer

Zara Selod

Catherine Zarr

These students were selected from among their peers by our Upper School Faculty Equity, Inclusion, and Community Committee for their demonstrated interest in and commitment to issues of diversity, inclusion, and social justice within (and outside) our school community. The "Leadership" part of the conference's name is aspirational, as a stated goal is the development of skills, understanding, and competencies that will help participants to make a bigger positive impact as leaders and allies within the TVS and local communities.