Security Stickers for Vehicles
Security Stickers for Vehicles

The 2020-21 family vehicle cling-ons are ready! The family vehicle cling-ons can be obtained anytime before 4:00 PM Monday to Friday at the Bryant Irvin gate house. You must present your driver's license to receive a vehicle cling-on. Please wear a mask as you approach the Security Officers to obtain your parking cling-on.

The parking cling-ons absolutely help campus safety and security.
Additional reminders from security:

  • The cling-ons must be displayed properly at all times while on campus.
    Cling-ons should be placed on the lower left corner of the vehicle's windshield.
  • Remove all previous years' parking cling-ons.
  • The family vehicle cling-ons cannot be used by Upper School students who plan to park on campus.
  • Cell phone usage while driving on campus is prohibited.
  • The posted speed limit on campus is 10 mph.