REOPENING UPDATE: First Day of School
REOPENING UPDATE: First Day of School

Dear Trojan families,

Last week, I wrote to you to share the news of the Tarrant County order which required all public and non-religious private schools to begin school remotely until September 28. I remarked in that letter how disappointed we were, as we had been working around the clock all summer to prepare for an in-person opening with a remote option, TLC (Trojan Learning Connection).

During the past week, we continued to prepare for the in-person opening and added another layer of preparation for all-remote learning. All of this took place amidst ongoing discussions with local officials and colleagues at peer schools about our planning and preparations.

We were delighted with the guidance given by the Texas Attorney General yesterday which allows us to make our own determination about opening. I am pleased to announce that we will open for in-person learning on August 19, 2020. Our decision is based on the planning and protocols that we have ready for the new school year. We are continuing to design a transition back to campus which will help our students and faculty adjust to the new environment and protocols. We will share more details in our Friday communication.

We also recognize that there will be families in our TVS community who prefer a remote learning option (TLC) for the first marking period. In order to account for any change of mind that a family may have had about this option, we are asking you to complete an updated survey here. Your responses are critical, as they will provide the final numbers necessary for our cohort and classroom planning. The survey will close at 8am on Monday, August 3, 2020. Please be sure to fill out the survey, even if you had previously done so, to allow us to plan and get our campus ready to welcome our students back on campus!

I want to thank you for your patience and support during this time. I also want to thank our entire faculty and staff who have been on what feels like a rollercoaster ride. They have never lost their positive "can do" attitudes. Even when asked repeatedly to pivot and re-pivot, they have been steady, calm, professional, and truly dedicated to your children.

Our Friday Reopening Communication will come from our division heads and will contain much more information. Again, thank you for your support and dedication to our wonderful school.

Warmest wishes,

Blair Lowry
Head of School