Reopening Update
Reopening Update

Dear Trojan families,

As you may know by now, Tarrant County has issued an order directing all public and non-religious private schools to begin school remotely until September 28, 2020. This news is disappointing for all of us. There has been so much preparation, and we are all so eager to see one another on campus. However, it is important that we abide by the county order so that our wonderful Fort Worth can be safer and healthier.

Despite all of our reopening plans, we knew this might be a possibility at some point. We do still plan to begin school on August 19, 2020. Our administrative team is in the process of "re-framing" what the beginning of school will look like as we now open remotely. We will be creating ways for students and teachers to interact and get to know one another in the opening week despite not being in the same room. TVS is already planning for ways to ensure that our students receive the supplies and materials they will need for instruction to begin.

Additionally, we will use our Trojan spirit to design innovative ways to keep our student activities and community connections as vibrant as ever. The social and emotional part of learning is an essential focus. We are committed to taking care of the hearts and minds of our TVS family. We want our students to thrive no matter the situation.

You have seen from our reopening communications how ready and excited we were to have students back on campus. We also will be ready for this shift and prepared for in-place learning when the order has been lifted.

When I was young, I used to sail with my father. He would remind me when there was stormy weather ahead to "adjust my sails and keep my eyes on the horizon." This Friday, our reopening communication will contain additional details as we adjust our sails.

Please stay well and know that brighter days are on the horizon!

Warmest wishes,

Blair Lowry
Head of School