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OAKE National Honor Choir
OAKE National Honor Choir

We are very proud of our singers who qualified for the March National Honor Choir!

4th Grade:
Marcy Everett
5th Grade:
Jonathan Boothby
Olivia Carey
Meghan Clark
Dahlia Roberts
Benjamin Walker
Brooklyn Weems
Anna Willmann
Gillian Young

6th Grade:
Ava Casto
Zoe Davis
Kate Demchuk
Kelton Finley
Grace Gibson
Johanna Ivy
Mallory Turner
7th Grade:
Abby Everett
Ben Gerstle
Foster Good
Gaby Kremer
Sam Looney
Berkeley Moore
Eleanor Walker
8th Grade:
Ava Dias
Magha Duvvuri
Jillian Ivy

Sophie Fine
Taylor Henry
Lauren Kochan
Caroline Sloter
Mollie Zimmerman

CHAMBER CHOIR...a select group of 40
Gage Brazell...the first TVS singer to qualify in sophomore year

This year we go to Columbus Ohio to sing with 400+ other singers in the conference.
We are very proud of these students...making the audition recording is really quite a challenge.
We hope you'll give them a high five!

Ashley Owen
Pauline Medlin
Alan Buratto