Global Initiatives Goings-On
Global Initiatives Goings-On

Our students arrived safely in Sydney on Sunday, and now they're having a great time with their friends who lived with them in April. It's been a great start to the second part of this 1:1 Exchange, and next week, another group of TVS students will embark on a journey in the Austrian Alps.

Sounds like something you'd like your child to do? Here are the Trojans Abroad Programs for 2020:

  • Costa Rica -- TOE Beyond; 9-11th graders, June, ~10 days
  • France -- Language/Culture--Spring Break; 10-16 students, 9-12th graders
  • Great Britain -- History/Literature; June, ~10 days; 9-11th graders
  • Japan -- War & Peace (meet your child in Osaka and enjoy the Olympics after our trip ends!); 6-12 students; 9-11th graders, July, ~10 days
  • Australia -- 1:1 Exchange; 4 students; 9-10th graders; host then travel
  • Germany -- 1:1 Exchange; 2-4 students; 9-11th graders; host then travel
  • Scotland -- 1:1 Exchange; four 8th-grade girls only; host then travel

Visit and learn more at Trojans Abroad Programs. We're accepting applications now!