Global Initiatives Goings-On
Global Initiatives Goings-On

We bid farewell to our Scottish guests—but just farewell because their hosts (Madison, Maggie, Amanda, and Abby) will be spending 3 weeks with Lily, Robyn, Havia, and Kitty in Edinburgh this summer! We are grateful to the St. George's girls and their TVS hosts for being a part of this wonderful new exchange.

Thinking of Going Global next year? All families (LS, MS, US, and Alumni) are encouraged to host a TVS International Guest. In 2019-20, we're expecting Upper School students from Germany (Oct; 2 weeks) and Mexico (Nov/Dec; 3 weeks), Middle School students from China (Feb; 2 weeks), and young adult student teachers from Denmark, Switzerland, and more! Email Dr. Roemer or visit to learn more.

It's also time to sign up for our 2020 Trojans Abroad Programs(

AUSTRALIA (1:1 Exchange—you host in April then live with your guest for 3 weeks in July; current 8-9th graders; 4 max)
ENGLAND/SCOTLAND (History/Literature experience; 10-12 days in June; 10-16 current 8-11th graders)
FRANCE (Spring Break Language/Home Stay/Culture Program; 10-16 current 8-11th graders)
GERMANY (1:1 Exchange—you host in October then live with your guest for 2-3 weeks in June; current 8-11th graders; 4 max.)
JAPAN ("War & Peace" program; 10-12 days in July; ends just in time to join your family for the 2020 Olympics!; 8-16 current 8-11th
SCOTLAND (1:1 Exchange—you host in April/May then live with your guest for 3 weeks in June; current 7th grade girls; 4 max)