Focusing on the Future

Dear Parents,

By way of an update, as you are undoubtedly aware by the barrage of surveys you received since August, we have been engaged in a Strategic Planning process throughout this school year.

Having recently completed a significant campaign to grow endowment and facilities, we made the decision to engage in a Strategic Planning process as a way to be intentional and thoughtful about the direction and priorities for the immediate future of the School.

To that end, we engaged with the professionals at Heads Up Consulting and have had their president, Richard O'Dell, leading the process. We received nearly 700 responses from surveys from every constituency and then dove into those results as an administrative team, looking at themes in responses, both positive and negative.

From there our consultant spent three days on campus where he met with different focus groups that represented every facet of school life, and then collaborated with the steering committee to develop an agenda.

Last week he returned for a two-day visit during which we worked fairly intensively to develop strategic imperatives and action items for each. While still very much in draft form, we are wordsmithing and refining and looking forward to the next steps when we will send these to the wider community in order to be able to rank these priorities.

In this next step, and in every aspect, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions, and appreciate all of the feedback that you all have shared to date. We look forward to navigating the final stages of the project and sharing the results with all of our constituents.

Best wishes,

Ian Craig