National Honor Society

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The National Honor Society was founded in 1921 to create an organization recognizing and encouraging student academic achievement while also developing characteristics essential to all citizens of a democracy. These ideals of scholarship, character, service and leadership remain as relevant today as when NHS was first founded. The Albert M. Goggans Chapter of NHS was founded at TVS in 1965.

Selection for membership is considered by many as the pinnacle of achievement in one’s high school career. It is an honor that carries with it the responsibility of continued demonstration of the founding principles of scholarship, character, leadership and service. To that end, membership selection is a privilege, not an entitlement. An NHS Faculty Council is charged with evaluating the candidacy of potential members through information submitted to them by interested and qualified Juniors and Seniors.


1. Junior and Senior students interested in being considered for membership in NHS, as well as their parents, will be informed in a timely fashion that the selection process will take place early in the second semester.

2. Scholastically eligible Junior and Seniors will be invited to submit an activity information form and personal essay. The form reflects the candidate’s depth of community and school involvement. It requires the endorsement of adult sponsors with direct knowledge of the activities described and the potential member’s involvement in them. The essay illuminates the ways in which the candidate demonstrates and embraces the ideals of the organization.

3. The selection of new members is reserved to and determined by the TVS NHS Faculty Council. Submitting the information packet does not guarantee selection nor is it to be seen as an application for membership. The NHS Faculty Council will review the information provided in the packet along with other verifiable information reflecting each candidate’s activities in the areas of leadership, service and character.

4. NHS considers school attendance and academic integrity as vital reflections of one’s character and leadership skills. A successful candidate will also possess a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.50, which must be maintained to sustain membership. Additionally, participation in all NHS activities is a requirement of those who accept an invitation to membership.

5. Candidates approved by a majority vote of the NHS Faculty Council will be invited to join NHS. Inductees and their parents will be notified of selection to membership and provided information regarding the induction ceremony, obligations and privileges of membership and yearly dues ($20.00). A formal induction ceremony during the spring semester will welcome the new members.

6. Candidates who transfer from another institution must have been a TVS student for a minimum of one semester before consideration for membership. Only the TVS cumulative GPA will determine scholastic eligibility. Community service hours will depend upon when the student transferred, but generally corresponds with the number of hours the student must have as his graduation requirement. Transfer students must follow the same procedure as others regarding the submission and verification of community service hours.

7. An appeals process for non-selection exists, a copy of which may be obtained from the Upper School Administrative Assistant. Any appeal must be submitted first to the NHS Advisor, then to the Head of Upper School, and ultimately to the Headmaster.


1. Membership, once extended, continues until graduation unless the member fails to meet the standards set forth in this document. (See the section on Selection Procedure and Qualifications for Potential Members of NHS for further clarification or contact the advisor.) Any member who falls below the accepted standards of scholarship, leadership, character and service shall be considered for disciplinary action or dismissal from the chapter.

A. If a member’s cumulative GPA falls below a 3.50, formal notice will be issued and a reasonable time allowed for improvement. If the cumulative GPA remains below the minimum standard acceptable to maintain membership in NHS, the member is subject to further disciplinary action by the NHS Faculty Council, including consideration of dismissal from the chapter.

B. Incidences violating school regulations, academic integrity or the school honor code will result in the consideration of dismissal from membership. In cases of pending dismissal, the member receives written notice from the NHS Faculty Council indicating the reason for such consideration. A copy of the appeal procedure is available from the Upper School Administrative Assistant. The member has an opportunity to respond in writing or in person at a hearing before the NHS Faculty Council prior to the Council’s decision. The Head of School may only then intervene if the member desires to appeal further. Final appeal to the Headmaster may be made only after the prior actions have transpired. Once dismissal is determined, reinstatement will not be considered. The NHS Faculty Council may impose disciplinary sanctions in lieu of dismissal, as deemed appropriate.

2. When accepted to NHS, members agree to participate in all activities of NHS which include, but are not limited to, graduation and NHS induction related events. Senior members preside over and host the formal induction ceremony, rehearsal and reception in the spring semester.

3. NHS members who transfer from other schools must meet the academic requirements for membership at TVS. Only the TVS cumulative GPA is used to determine NHS membership on this campus. Transfer members will be given a reasonable time to complete the community service hours component of membership as determined by the advisors of NHS and Community Service.