Annual Giving Campaign

Each academic year, the generosity of our Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends helps us to reach our full potential. The Annual Giving Campaign enriches the ongoing excellence of Trinity Valley School’s academic programs and student activities. Your gift, no matter what the size, is vital to our continued success. Additionally, your donation speaks volumes about the care and enthusiasm you have for each TVS student. We hope you will join us in supporting the operations of Trinity Valley School during our annual fund drive.

Parents to Thomas and Molly

2017-2018 Participation By-The-Numbers


Trinity Valley School gratefully acknowledges the parent volunteers listed below for their valuable assistance with the 2017 - 18 Annual Giving Campaign.

Erin Aldrich

Holly and Jason Anderson

Kristin and Jeff Anderson

Erin and Brett Barnes

Kim and Barrett Bartell

Erin '96 and Charles Benson

Ann Ranelle and Michael Boothby

Courtney and Steven Burns

Emily and Benton Cantey

Shannon and Mike Collins

Kim Martin Berkowitz

Sona and Virat Dave

Jenny and Steve Davis '92

Laurie and John Dickens

Heather Breiter and Pat Dunne

Melodi and George Faris

Katie and Jeff Farmer '87

Sarah '97 and Charlie Florsheim

Anjum and Josh George

Kristie '94 and Brian Gibson '93

Kelly and Bill Hanley

Mary and Jarry Ho

Suzy and Bill Holloway

Melissa '93 and Ben Hoskins '93

Latoyer and Willie Houston

Sarah and Jeremy Jackson

Mandy and Fred Johnston

Julienne Greer and Gordon Jorgenson

Sarah and Chris Klein

Jennifer and David Kostohryz '97

Mary and Markus Kypreos '96

Vanessa and Mike LaGatta

Alyssa and Field Lange '86

Alicia and Craig Lesok

Jamie and Darren Lewis

Emily and Jason Littlejohn

Beth and Rusty Looney

Tracy '84 and David Matheson '83

Helen and Devin McPherson

Darcy '00 and Steve Miller

Whitney and Jonathan Mock

Ashley and Monty Moncrief '89

Kerensa and Shahram Naghshbandi

Allison Poston

Kelly and Drew Pumphrey '77

Claire and Walt Reynolds

Rebecca and Clark Rucker

Stacey and Aaron Rumfelt

Sheri and Joe Sears

Jude and Marc Sloter

Kate and Chris Snow

Jill and Michael Unell

Susie and Robert Ursprung

Joanne Viola

Carol and Stan Williams

Angela and Bob Yonke

Past ANnual Giving Chairs

2016 - 17
Melissa '93 and Ben Hoskins '93

2015 - 16
Meredith Dorris '81 and Hank Dorris '81 & Jamie and Darren Lewis

2014 - 15
Linda and Greg Whitehead

2013 - 14
Kelly Hanley and Susan LaNasa

2012 - 13
Crystal Bolt and Susi Fillmore

2011 - 12
Carol and Stan Williams

2010 - 11
Stephanie and Brian Allen

2009 - 10
Lauri and David Hadobas

2008 - 09
Kelly and Drew Pumphrey ’77

2007 – 08
Donna and David Dozier

2006 – 07
Kim Medley & Debbie Reynolds

2005 – 06
Katie and Jeff Farmer ’87

2004 – 05
Kim Martin Berkowitz and Michael Berkowitz ’79

2003 – 04
Krista and Don Barrington

2002 – 03
Donna and Ward Veale

2001 – 02
Teresa and Smith Brownlie

2000 – 01
Debbie and Mark McLeland

1999 – 00
Karyn and Rick Sorenson

1998 – 99
Jamie and Paul Senter

1997 – 98
Molly and Rick Granaghan

1996 – 97
Karen and Jim Watson

1995 – 96
Kim and Wes Hightower

1994 – 95
Stephanie and Fred Spradley

1993 – 94
Laurie and Marvin Blum