Parents' Club



President: Carla Vogel
President-Elect: Jennifer Briscoe
Secretary: Tamara Willmann
Treasurer: Jill Unell

Standing Committee Chairs

Annual Fund Chairs: LaToyer Houston & Mindy Hegi
Back-to-School Fair: Christina Hardman & Emily Strong
Cafeteria Volunteer Coordinator: Amy Buchanan & Stephanie Christopher
Community Education Series: Heather Breiter
Directory Coordinator: Sarah Klein & Paige Bacon
Faculty/Staff Appreciation: Dana Quisenberry & Hilary Shipman
Fall Family Festival: Jodi Sangalli & Leigh Good
Field Day: Leah Thomas & Nichole Shipman
Gala: Rachael Churchill, Shelby Crawford, Sarah Jackson & Ashley Peeders
Gift Cards: Mary Ellen Becker
Grandparents' Day: Alicia Lesok, Telesa Jones & Mary Ho
Grants for Greatness: Noel Nolet
Link Coordinators:
Kindergarten: Paige Charbonnet
LS - Martha Mattox
MS - Jamie Mainord
US - Deb Huckaby
Middle School Social: Caroline Bailey & Emily Cantey
Room Parent Coordinators:
LS - Sarah Florsheim
MS - Stephanie Bumgardner
US - Melissa Hoskins
School Supplies: Brandi Wubbena & Katie Danzi
TVS Cares: Julie Taylor & Megan Carrell
Uniform Resale: Autumn McCarthy and Jenn Baker
Volunteer Website: Kate Snow and Shelli Eskue

Auxiliary Groups

Athletic Booster Club President: Kirk Jefferies
Arts Booster Club President: Sarah Evans
Trojan Outdoor Experience: Stephanie and Brian Allen

Ex Officio

Past President: Melissa Hoskins
Head of School: Ian Craig
Staff Liaison: Margaret Kramer


To promote and assist in school projects, social programs, athletic activities, fundraising projects, and to provide general support to all school activities.

All current TVS parents are members of the Parents’ Club. The purpose of the Parents’ Club is to promote and assist in special school projects, social programs, athletic activities, and fund-raising projects and to provide general support to all school activities. Parents have an important role at Trinity Valley School because TVS parents help make this school unique. Everything the Parents’ Club does is for the benefit of our children. Volunteers are the backbone of the spirit that we call the “TVS family." Look online for the Volunteer button to sign up today!

Expectations for TVS Parents' Club Board Members

1. Attend monthly meetings, usually held the second Tuesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. in the Reserve Dining Room.

2. Be informed about PC events so you are able to convey information to the TVS community or know where to direct them.

3. Encourage participation for all TVS events.

4. Be enthusiastic and supportive of TVS events, faculty, and staff.

5. Participation in Annual Giving is expected, even if it is a token amount. Gifts of any size are welcomed and appreciated. We would expect to have 100% participation, as we are leaders of the school. Our purpose is to support TVS.

If you wish to join the PC Board, the Nominating Committee will begin accepting names in January.

Parents' Club Bylaws

Fort Worth, Texas
Revised February 11, 1991; March 7, 1995; March 10, 1997; May 2009; April 12, 2011, Sept. 2012


Section 1. The name of this organization shall be “The Trinity Valley School Parents’ Club” (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the ‘Club’).

Section 2. The purpose of the Club is to promote and assist in special school projects, social programs, athletic activities, fund raising projects, and to provide general support to all school activities while keeping within the overall mission of the School.

Section 3. The Club is nonpartisan, nonsectarian and apolitical; therefore, neither the Club, its officers, nor any person purporting to act therefore shall participate in any matters of a partisan, sectarian or political nature on behalf of the Club.

Section 4. The Club shall neither seek to direct the administrative activities of Trinity Valley School, nor shall it endeavor to control its policies. However, the Club shall endeavor to act in general matters as a liaison body among the parents, the community, the administration, and the Board of Trustees. The Club shall conduct its activities with collaboration and approval of school administration in order to work within school policies for the good of the School.


Section 1. Any person who is a parent of, or stands in the relation of a parent or guardian of a student at Trinity Valley School, is a member of this Club.

Section 2. Membership in the Club shall be automatically conferred to persons named in Section 1 upon a student’s enrollment in the School. There is no fee for joining. Persons may opt out of membership by stating such in writing to the attention of The Parents’ Club in care of Trinity Valley School.


Section 1. The officers of this Club shall be President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and appropriate Standing Committee Chairs as called for by the Standing Rules. The term for elected officers shall be for a period of one year or until their successors have been duly elected and installed. No elected officer shall be eligible to hold the same office for more than two successive terms.

Section 2. Except for the office of President, which may be filled by succession, vacancies occurring in any other office shall be filled by a committee consisting of the President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer for the unexpired term.

Section 3. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of up to five (5) members, of which not more than two (2) may be elected officeholders of the Club.

Section 4. The Nominating Committee shall submit its recommendations for Officers and Directors by the April meeting of the Parents’ Club Board. The consent of each potential candidate shall be obtained prior to submitting the Nominating Committee’s report to the Board. An opportunity shall be given for additional nominations from the floor, and the election by the Board shall then follow.

Section 5. If there are no nominations from the floor, the election may be by voice vote. Otherwise, the election shall be by secret ballot.

Section 6. The newly elected officers shall be installed at the last regular Board of Directors meeting of the School year, with the President acting as the installing officer. The newly installed officers shall assume their duties of office on June 1 following their election or earlier if necessitated by the timing of the committee’s work.


Section 1. The Board of Directors of this Club shall consist of all the elected officers, the immediate past president, the Head of School, the Director of Advancement, and Standing Committee Chairs as designated by the Standing Rules, including the presidents of auxiliary organizations of the Club (Trojan Booster Club, Friends of the Trojan Arts, and TOE Booster Club)

Section 2. The duties of this Board shall be (A) to transact all necessary business of the Club (B) to formulate and establish plans of action for recommendation to the Club, (C) to present regular reports to the membership of the Club. (D) to appoint the chairs of all committees, (E) to submit proposals to the administration for major activities which it deems advisable and (F) to formulate all general policies of the Club.

Section 3. The Board of Directors may amend the Standing Rules by a majority vote at any regularly scheduled or specially called meeting.

Section 4. The Board of Directors shall meet no less than six times per year, and a majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum. In addition, special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President, in the President’s absence by the President-Elect or by any three members of the Board of Directors.

Section 5. A Director shall not be personally liable for civil damages based upon any act or omission if such Director exercised ordinary care in the discharge of the Director’s duty and/or, in good faith, relied upon the written opinion of an attorney; the books of account or reports made to the Club by any of its officials or accountants retained by the Board of Trustees.

The Club shall indemnify each past, present or future Director as set forth herein. In the case of a threatened or pending suit, action, or proceeding against a Director, such person shall immediately notify the current President of the Club, in writing, of such claim or proceeding. Indemnification shall include reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, investigation expense, and the reasonable cost of settlement or satisfaction of such liability.

Such indemnification shall be provided only in those circumstances where the Club has received actual notice of the claim and been informed as to such proceedings and/or the terms of any settlement or disposition thereof.

The termination of a proceeding by judgment, order, settlement, conviction or its equivalent will not, of itself, create a presumption that such person failed to satisfy the standard of care contained in this section.


Section 1. Special meetings may be called, as requested by the President, by the Board of Directors, or upon written or email request to the Board of Directors by a group consisting of at least ten (10) members of the Club. Notice of any special meetings, consisting of five (5) days or more, shall be mailed or emailed to the membership.


Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall govern all meetings of this Club and all meetings of the Board of Directors, to the extent that they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws or the Standing Rules.


This Constitution and Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Board by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members present, provided that any proposition for adding to, deleting, or altering this Constitution and Bylaws shall have been presented to the membership at the previous regular meeting, or a copy of the amendment posted at the School at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.


A. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Board of Directors. He or she shall be a member, ex-officio, of all committees as established, except the Nominating Committee. He or she shall represent the Parents’ Club on the Board of Trustees of the School and shall perform all duties pertaining to the office. In case of absence or disability of the President, these duties shall be performed by the President-Elect and in his or her absence or disability by the Treasurer.

B. The President-Elect shall assume the duties of the President in his or her absence or disability and perform other duties delegated by the President, such as the Back-to-School Coffee and Design Inspiration table.

C. The Secretary shall be responsible for giving notice of Parents’ Club and Board of Directors’ meetings, shall keep a correct record of the proceedings at all regular and special meetings of the Club and of the Board of Directors, shall conduct all necessary correspondence of the Club, and shall perform other duties as may be delegated.

D. The Treasurer shall work with the School’s Director of Finance/Operations, who receives Parents’ Club funds, to keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures, pay all bills and make disbursements when so directed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall present a current statement of accounts at each regular and at other meetings, if same is requested in advance by the President, shall make a final report for presentation at the last meeting of each year and shall perform such other duties as may be delegated to him or her.

1. Expenditures on behalf of the Parents’ Club not exceeding $500 may be made from time to time by the Treasurer in the ordinary and necessary course and scope of the business of the Parents’ Club. Expenditures of between $500 and $5,000, inclusive shall be made only after approval of a majority of the Board of Directors of the Parents’ Club. Expenditures requested in excess of $5000 shall require advance notice to the Board of a vote to authorize such expenditure unless the expenditure is a part of the normal Grants for Greatness approval process.

2. All checks issued by the Parents’ Club shall be authorized by the responsible committee chair, signed by the School’s Director of Finance/Operations, and counter-signed by one other designated school official.

3. All Parents’ Club and other auxiliary entities’ funds shall be managed by the School’s Director of Finance/Operations. The financial records of all of these entities, including the Parents’ Club, will be submitted for audit, at least annually, by the auditor for Trinity Valley School in accordance with the policy established by the Trinity Valley School Board of Trustees.

4. The Treasurer shall serve on the Grants for Greatness Committee.

A. Auction Chair shall organize and supervise the Parents’ Club Auction and its committees.

B. Each Auxiliary Organization Chair shall be President of the respective Auxiliary Organization (Trojan Booster Club, Arts Booster Club, and TOE Booster Club.) Additionally all Auxiliary Organization Chairs shall make regular financial reports to the Board which include their current financial position and the activities of the Auxiliary Organization as reflected in their income and expenses. These reports will be made at each meeting of the Board, and should be emailed in advance to the Treasurer in case of absence.

1. Trojan Booster Club shall be responsible for promoting all athletic programs and shall coordinate activities with the Athletic Director.

2. Arts Booster Club shall be responsible for promoting all fine arts programs and shall coordinate activities with the faculty Fine Arts Chair.

3. TOE Booster Club shall be responsible for promoting the TOE program and shall coordinate activities with the Director of the TOE program.

C. Cafeteria Volunteer Coordinators shall collaborate with the Executive Chef to fulfill volunteer needs in the dining hall. He or she shall post volunteer needs on the volunteer website, send out weekly schedule reminders, keep records of volunteers that have takn the Food Handler’s class and oversee all aspects of cafeteria volunteering.

D. Back-to-School Fair Chairs shall work with school administration in preparation of Back-to-School Fair prior to beginning of school year. They shall be responsible for coordination and supervising of all activities and volunteers surrounding the event.

E. Grandparents’ Day Chairs shall be responsible for coordinating all activities and volunteers surrounding TVS Grandparents’ Day.

F. Fall Family Festival Chairs shall organize and supervise the Parents’ Club Fall Family Festival and its committees.

G. Directory Coordinator shall assist the School administration with the preparation of the Trinity Valley School Directory. He or she shall review and recommend annual pricing of the directory with changes in price to be approved by the President, President-elect, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Board. He or she shall be responsible for distribution of directories in coordination with the administration while maintaining appropriate distribution and financial reports of the project.

H. Room Parent Chairs (Division Coordinators) shall be responsible for (a) selecting and working with all room parents in their division and (b) serving as the administration’s contact to aid in distributing important information at grade levels. The Upper School Coordinator shall chair the initial room parent orientation meeting in the fall, which all room parents are required to attend. Class-level room parents and treasurers serve, and as well as with all other board positions, no class-level officer shall be eligible to hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

I. Faculty/Staff Appreciation Chairs shall be responsible for the organization of volunteers and food for luncheons honoring faculty and staff on the two agreed upon days per year.

J. Uniform Resale Chair shall be responsible for the operation of the School’s uniform resale operation.

K. Grants for Greatness Chair shall be responsible for 1) inviting grant requests from faculty, staff, and administration, 2) organizing committee meetings (The committee shall consist of the Parents’ Club President, Parents’ Club President-elect, Grants for Greatness chair, Auction co-chairs, prior year Auction co-chairs, past Parents’ Club President, Parents’ club Treasurer, Head of the School, Parents’ club Administration liaison), 3) coordinating with the Administration, and 4) communicating proposed grants to the Board along with the results to those requesting grants.

L. Field Day Chairs shall coordinate with the Director of Physical Education and LS Division Head to organize Field Day and all required committee members and volunteers.

M. Volunteer Chairs shall coordinate all web-based volunteer registrations and communicate volunteer information to various other committee Chairs.

N. Community Education Chairs shall coordinate with the School Counselors and School Administration to provide thoughtful and meaningful opportunities for communication and programs among parents and the School.

O. Holiday Gift Cards shall coordinate purchase and distribution of Thanksgiving and holiday appreciation gifts to the School faculty, staff, and administration.

P. Link Coordinators shall collaborate with the School’s Admissions office to communicate with Link Families their various responsibilities and to provide a calendar of helpful dates where Link Families may assist new families with their transition into the School. The Link Coordinator will follow-up with families that are assigned Links during the summer to ensure that each new student has been or will be contacted by their Link Family prior to the start of any back to school parties or meetings.

Q. Middle School Social Chairs should plan and execute a social event intended for Middle Schoolers and their families to promote family connectedness during the years where there are 1) new families entering in larger numbers and 2) less formal School opportunities for parents and children to participate in activities together. The particular event should meet the approval of the President and Administration as well as the Board.

R. School Supplies Chairs should secure a purchasing agreement with a reliable school supply vendor to provide packs of school supplies that are specified by each grade levels’ teacher team as necessary for lower school. The Chairs should provide product specifications to the school supply vendor by grade level. The pre-packaged supplies will be distributed to the children’s classrooms before the first day of school. The price for the school supplies is included in the school’s operating budget for all students K-4th grade.

S. TVS Cares Chairs shall coordinate with School administration or any other member of the TVS family that knows of a need within a student’s family whereby some form of assistance may be helpful during a short-term or extended crisis. (e.g. illness of a parent, death in the family, illness of a sibling or student, etc.) On a case-by-case basis, the TVS Cares Chairs will determine (with Administration or Faculty assistance) the most logical person to contact the student’s family to offer assistance such as meals, carpooling, homework delivery, etc. and will coordinate the family’s assistance through a member of the TVS community that the family chooses. All such family situations shall be kept confidential out of respect for an individual family’s right to tell their particular story in their own manner and time.

T. Ex Officio members to sit on the board are Annual Giving Chairs; assigned staff liaison and Head of School.


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