Board of Trustees

2019-2020 Officers

President: JOE GALLAGHER '85
Vice President: Amy Jacobs
Secretary: marc sloter
Treasurer: steve willmann

Brian Allen, current parent
Chris Andrews, current parent
Geeth Chettiar, current parent
Adrianne Deem, current parent
Meredith Dorris ’81, alum & alum parent
Pat Dunne, current parent
Marc Goldman '92, alum & current parent
Kelly Hanley, alumni parent
Mindy Hegi, current parent
Willie Houston, current parent
Bea Kutzler, alumni parent
Maxwell Lea, current parent
Bryan Lynch, current parent
David Nolet, current parent
Mike Pavell, alumni parent & current parent
Christy Peveto, alumni parent
Ann Ranelle, current parent
Jenny Rosell '95, alum & current parent
Ben Rosenthal ’01, alum

2019-2020 Committee Chairpersons

Audit: Pat Dunne
Buildings and Grounds: Marc Goldman '92
Campus Life: Geeth Chettiar
Development: Jenny Rosell '95
Endowment: Ben Rosenthal '01
Executive: Kelly Pumphrey
Finance: Steve Willmann
Human Resources: Amy Jacobs
Trustees: Meredith Dorris

2019-2020 Ex Officio

Alumni Association President: Cristina Hindman Schneiderman '94
Parents’ Club President: Carla Vogel
Immediate Past President: Kelly Pumphrey
Ian Craig, Head of School

If you have any questions regarding our Board of Trustees, please contact:

Kiley Brannon
Administrative Assistant to Head of School