Trojan Booster Club

The Trojan Booster Club is an organization within the TVS Parents’ Club for the support of all Trinity Valley School athletes in grades PK-12. The purpose of the Trojan Booster Club is to support and promote all of the athletic and physical-education programs at Trinity Valley and to develop a sense of school spirit and tradition. Trinity Valley is the fifth-smallest school out of the 16 schools belonging to the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC), yet we field more than 60 boys’ and girls’ teams at the middle- and high-school levels. We are all proud of the successes that our student athletes will experience. Our athletes succeed because of the incredible support they receive from the entire TVS family - parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, and friends.



Recently-Funded Projects

  • $250,000 pledge to the North Field Concession Stand
  • New refrigerator for Stadium Concession Stand
  • Warm-up suits for Track & Field
  • T-Shirts for entire Lower School for Field Day
  • Popsicles for Field Day
  • Host annual Fall and Winter Cookout with free food and drinks for all families
  • Fund the Varsity Athletic Banquet each May
  • Generator for Trojan Spirit Trailer
North Field Concession Stand
Lower School Field Day T-Shirts
Generator for the Trojan Spirit Trailer
The Trailer Girls!
Selling Booster Club Memberships at the Back-to-School Fair
Trojan Spirit Trailer Merchandise
Fall Cookout
Athletics Banquet Honoring our Athletes
Athletics Banquet Honoring our Athletes
Lower School Field Day
Lower School Field Day

2020-2021 BOOSTER CLUB

President: Ben Hoskins
Past President: Kirk Jefferies
Vice President: TBD
Secretary/Treasurer: Adrianne Deem

Communications: Paige Bacon
Events: Melissa Hoskins
                Clay Shoot
                Golf Tournament/Top Golf
                Field Day – Mary Ho & Rebecca Rucker
Concessions: TBD
Merchandise: Jody Sangalli & Shelby Crawford
Male/Female Student Reps: TBD