TVS - New Ticketing for Home Games
TVS - New Ticketing for Home Games

Hello TVS Trojan Athletic Fans,

I have exciting news that will allow more Trojan fans the opportunity to enjoy home games at TVS this season. We have teamed up with HomeTown Ticketing (HTT), an online digital ticketing service, which will help us in streamlining our available seats and make better use of our seating capacity per venue. As TVS does not charge our community members for regular season athletic contests, the tickets for all regular season contests will be free for all which includes our TVS families, faculty, staff, and PT coaches. The tickets will be needed to access either campus or the playing venue on game days. The tickets, which will contain a scan code, can either be downloaded to your phone or printed out to be shown upon arrival.

We are rolling out this new ticketing format this weekend, for games beginning next week, October 27th. Ticket for families of participants will be set aside first. Then, depending on the venue, there will be 'general admission' tickets that will become available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We continue to ask that only adult spectators come to the games at this time.

Below are the guided instructions on how to go about acquiring tickets. The HTT link will go live Saturday, Oct. 24th, at noon (games will continue to be added during the week, and on a weekly basis).

First, go to the TVS Athletics webpage,

Next, look for HomeTown Ticketing towards the top of the page, then click.

This will bring you to the HTT schedule of games for TVS. Find your game, and click on 'Get Tickets'.

Now you will see the available tickets for "sale". If you're a parent of a current season participant, you will receive a passcode to unlock your designated team seats. Enter the passcode in the box.

Then choose the number of tickets you'd like and select 'Checkout'.

Once you've checked out, it will bring you to the confirmation page. Complete all the information required, as notated by the red asterisks.

Before you are allowed to complete your ticket order, you much check the 'terms' box, located on the bottom left.

Then, just select Submit Order to complete the ordering process.

The confirmation page below would appear next! You may download your tickets here, or retrieve them from your email.

The mobile ticket will be emailed to you, that you may print out to be shown upon arrival.

That is it! Just be sure to have your ticket with you when you come to the game!

We hope you find this process to be a better method to ensure more fans are able to enjoy watching our Trojans this year. Thank you in advance for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you at games this season!