Athletic Master Plan & Current Initiatives

Athletic Master Plan Fundraising

An athletic master plan was created in 2016. Enhancements identified surround our north and south fields and stadium area in addition to the potential of repurposing existing spaces in the athletic complex. The plan can be easily broken down into smaller projects to make fundraising and construction more achievable. Our north field project is complete, and we welcome you to attend a game and check out the new concessions building. Fundraising for our south fields project is wrapping up with improvements scheduled to be ready for the 2019 season. Fundraising for the Stadium Press Box is underway.

South Fields (Goal spring 2019)

Concession/Restroom Pavilion

New Seating

New Dugouts

Additional Batting Cages

Safety Netting

Upgraded Middle School Field

Stadium Press box (Goal 2020)

Improvements for students, coaches and fans

Elevated box for better visibility and filming

Dedicated space for student broadcasting and live streaming

New programming = greater student participation in life of school community

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Please contact Clare Pritchett ’89 to learn more about giving toward these important projects: or 817-321-0113.