Arts Booster Club

ABC supports the performing, visual, vocal and literary arts in all divisions at TVS. Your monies through ABC sponsor workshops, guest speakers, capital purchases, teacher continuing education, art exhibitions, drum line, and publicity for shows, not to mention the wonderful refreshments provided after arts events. The members of ABC also help coordinate ticket sales, parent volunteers and meals for hundreds of students during the Middle and Upper School theatrical productions. With your support the arts continue to grow at TVS and allow our children to shine.

ABC Board 2019-2020

President: Sarah Evans
President-Elect: Carrie Kochan
Secretary/Parliamentarian: Suzanne Ball
Treasurer: Linda Kiraly

Choir Liaison: Natalie Timson
Drumline Liaison: Caroline Archuleta
Visual Arts Liaison: Stephanie Allen
Literary Arts Liaison: Tina Goss
US Theater Arts Liaison: Azilee Stephenson
US Feed My Child Co-Chairs: Shannon Hart, Alice Pritchard, Martha Zarr

MS Theater Arts Liaison: Caryn Snyder
MS Feed My Child Co-Chairs: Tamara Willmann, Shannon Moore
Dance Liaison: Anjum George
Membership Co-Chairs: Brian Gibson, Kristie Gibson
Ticket Sales - US Co-Chairs: Robin Brazell, Carrie Kochan
Ticket Sales - MS Co-Chairs: Kim Zavaleta, Noemi Sek
Hospitality - US Co-Chairs: Mimi Zimmerman, Laurie Mitchell
Hospitality - MS Co-Chairs: Tonya Cammack, Nesli Chandler
Programs Co-Chairs: Audrey Davis, Linda Kiraly, Rochelle White, Monika Worsley
Publicity - Banners & Posters: Natalya Cherry
Google Drive Chair: Brea Hudgins
LS Member at Large: Katy Roberts