TVS DANCE offers a comprehensive dance education for all ages and skill levels. Join our growing program and experience the power of dance!



Ballet is the essential foundation of all dance training and enhances dancer strength and flexibility. The study of ballet is strongly recommended for all dancers at every level. TVS Dance follows the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum® to instill proper technique and alignment. Age- and level-appropriate instruction includes barre, center and floor work, choreography, stage presence, and performance etiquette. Pointe work is optional and may begin with the recommendation of the instructor.


Filled with high energy and rhythmic movement, jazz training develops the dancer’s range of style, line, and form. Center and floor work, progressions, jumps, turns, and choreography provide a solid foundation in classic and current trends in jazz technique. Dancers experiment with self-expression, develop personal style, and focus on performance quality.


The study of lyrical joins elements of jazz, modern dance, and ballet technique through expressive dance narratives. Through the study of lyrical, dancers refine balance, increase extension, and connect physical movement with emotional expression. In addition to improvisation, classes consist of center and floor work, progressions, jumps, turns, and choreography.

Hip Hop:

More than a pop-culture trend, hip hop’s urban street flair combines break dance, pop and lock, freestyle, and tricks. Fun and high energy, hip hop reinforces musicality and a heightened sense of rhythm, self-confidence, expressive movement, and personal style. Dancers gain strength, flexibility, precision of movement, and stamina during this fun and upbeat class with age-appropriate music and choreography.


TVS Dance Performance Company:

The inclusion of a competitive performance program supports highly dedicated dancers who aspire to perform at the elite level. Members of the award-winning TVS Elite Dance Performance Company are selected by audition and study ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop at TVS. Performance Company dancers selected for the performance company may take classes at other studios but, without exception, must attend a full schedule of classes at TVS. The TVS Dance Performance Company provides rigorous training and is only recommended for students willing to consistently meet the high expectations and demanding schedule of competitive dance. Weekly, for the duration of the school year, Performance Company members attend a full schedule of Level classes, rehearsals, and company classes. Performance Company members also serve as Student Assistants to at least one Pre-Level class each week. As an extension of their training, the TVS Dance Performance Company attends Tremaine Dance Convention in the spring, participating in two full-days of master classes and a highly competitive scholarship audition lead by the industry’s top dancers and choreographers from Los Angeles and New York. All TVS Dance Performance Company members present small group choreography. Competitive solo and duet/trio choreography is exclusively performed by veteran company members. All competition choreography is presented at three regional competitions and at the annual TVS Dance Recital each spring.

During the 2019-2020 school year, the Petite and Junior Dance Performance Companies will commence. Members of these new companies will study ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop at TVS, as well as participate in company classes and rehearsals.

Interested in joining the TVS Dance Performance Company?

Dancers interested in joining the TVS Dance Performance Company are encouraged to contact the Director of Dance Programs. More information about Performance Companies will be shared at the start of the 2019-2020 school year as well.


Each spring, TVS Dance culminates with an annual recital performance at Will Rogers Memorial Auditorium. Featuring over 100 dancers of all ages in full costume, Kindergarten – 12th grade students perform class choreography on a professional stage with theatrical lighting and digital backdrop images. This spectacular end-of-the-year performance highlights the students’ yearlong efforts to perfect technique, memorize class choreography and staging, and master entrances, exits, and bows. The TVS Dance Recital is an extremely rewarding and memorable opportunity for the students to celebrate the year of dance, along with their many accomplishments and achievements with a live audience. To ensure a successful recital performance, all dancers are required to participate in the dress rehearsal scheduled prior to the show. Please mark your calendar, invite your family and friends, and join us for this exciting performance. Admission is free, and no ticket is required. Parking at Will Rogers is $10/vehicle.

2020 TVS Dance Dress Rehearsal - Tuesday, April 21st
All Dancers on Stage and Ready at 5:30p
Will Rogers Auditorium

2020 TVS Dance Recital - Wednesday, April 22nd
Doors open at 6:00pm - Performance at 6:30pm
Will Rogers Auditorium

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The TVS Dance Studio, a state-of-the-art facility with a sprung marley floor, aluminum ballet barres, full-length mirrors, and brilliant sound system is located in the Upper School, adjacent to Trojan Hall.

A dressing room with locker area is available to female dancers. Male dancers change in the restrooms adjacent to the studio and store their belongings in cabinets located inside the studio. Dancers wear the required attire and hairstyle to every class.

Drop-off and pick-up is at the Upper School circle. Your punctuality is appreciated.

TVS Dance follows the school calendar, closures, and delays.

The billing office issues semester statements for tuition and fees. Please make checks payable to TVS.