Insanely cold.

As the Polar Vortex roared through much of the United States last week, temperatures and especially wind chill factors reached unheard-of levels.

Examples of what Trojans across the country endured (all listings in Fahrenheit):

Tara Seals '90, Northampton, Massachusetts: -10° Thursday morning, with a windchill of -25°
Tom Clarke '91, near Princeton, NJ: 3° with a "feels like" of -16°
Sam Shannon '03, Madison, WI: Coldest temp: -26° and coldest wind chill: -48°
Blake Rutledge '10, Brooklyn, NY: Wind chill of -12°
Amy Brachman '93, traveling in Minneapolis: Temperature Wednesday without windchill was -28°
Ralph Carter '82, Washington, DC: 8°
Callie Hadobas Klosterman '12, St. Louis, MO: Wednesday was -4° with a windchill of -24°
Scottie Settle Knight '82, Grosse Pointe Park, MI: -11° Thursday morning with a -35° wind chill
Helen Graves '77, New York City: 1°
Jay Becker '90, Rehoboth Beach, DE: 8°
Celia Smith McGrath '79, Cleveland, OH: -6° with wind chill of -26°
Stephanie Jackson '85, Philadelphia, PA: 16° at noon Thursday, with a wind chill of -5°
Monica Johnston Arsenault '88, Clancy, MT: -16°
Larissa Bogle Marple '11, Oxford, OH: wind chills in the -20s
Greg Brooks '81, New York City: -2°
Jason Via '11, Pittsburgh, PA: -3°
Margaret Jones Rutter '91, Alexandria, VA: -10°
Aviva Ajmera '86, Kansas City, MO: -15° wind chill
Chris Belfi '94, Aurora, NY: 0°

Cara Flowers Brown '89, Harbourton, NJ: 3° with a wind chill of -9°
Photo taken during a whiteout on Wednesday

Charlie Tenney '86 ran a 10K race called The Big Chill in Hartford, WI on Sunday, January 27. Says Charlie, "It was about 8 below with wind chills near 20 below. At home in Cedarburg, WI, dry bulb temp was -25° on Thursday, and wind chills Wednesday had been -50°."

Jessica Mills Reckamp '98, Indianapolis, IN: -8° Thursday with a wind chill of -19°

Jessica shared a pre-Polar Vortex pic of daughter Gracie, 5, on a giant snowball. Even before it got crazy cold, there was lots of snow! Don't worry, Gracie was safely indoors during the arctic blast.

Diane Farrar Smith '85, Minneapolis, MN shared her Wednesday-morning car reading (wind chills in the -40s):
Diane's son Alexander is a postal carrier, on his appointed rounds - thank you so much for your dedication, Alexander and other postal carriers!

Mack Kolarich '06, Washington, DC: -11° Wednesday night, downright balmy compared to the weather his dad experienced in northeast Iowa. Check out temp and unreal wind chill below: