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Lost Alums

Can you help us find these TVS alums? Please contact Kathryn Davis if you have information about anyone listed below.

Alums are listed by class year:
Don Prater 1967

Mark Hicks 1971
Jim Schultz 1971

Kyle Clark 1979
Jac Clements 1979
Linda Flood 1979

Ann Gontier 1980

Daniel Winter 1982

Russell K. Poteet 1984

Todd Miller 1986

Cynthia Smith 1987

Shannon L. Crowders 1988

Lindi Russey 1990

Frank S. Dennis 1993

Peter G. McLean 1995

John Alm 1996
Richard P. Dale 1996
Sheela T. Indukuri 1996
Nathan E. Wright 1996

Julia Merkel 1998
Thom B. Stephen 1998

Javier Fernandez 1999
Angelique Van Herp 1999

Yasmin Y. Dalal 2001

Julian A. Gomez-Guillen 2002

Mark B. McCarthy 2003

Richard D. Malone 2006

Wily Walter 2007