Philosophy of Financial Aid

Trinity Valley School attempts to select the most qualified students for admission. To this end, the admission decision is based solely on each student's academic and personal qualities independent of the family's ability to meet the cost of a Trinity Valley School education.

While it is the School's firm belief that the primary responsibility for financing the student's education belongs to the family, Trinity Valley School recognizes that not every family can bear the full cost.

The purpose of the financial aid program at Trinity Valley School is to make the School accessible to families of modest means. Parents who believe their child is strongly qualified for admission should not be discouraged from applying because they cannot afford the cost of tuition.

The financial aid program serves a second purpose. Trinity Valley School believes that diversity of background and talents within the student body strengthens and enriches the school community. The financial aid program enables the School to attract well-qualified students who represent the socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic diversity of contemporary society.

Trinity Valley School subscribes to the philosophy of need-based financial aid as opposed to merit-based scholarships. Consequently, no awards are made solely on the basis of academic, athletic, or artistic ability. To receive financial aid, a student's family must demonstrate financial need.

Family Income/Award Chart

The table below represents awards for the 2017-18 school year based on average family income levels, but should not be used to assume a specific award will be granted.