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Trojans Abroad Programs

Connecting students and faculty with cultures from around the world through transformational experiences abroad


Trojans Abroad Programs combine TVS' emphasis on outdoor, international, and experiential education in Austria, the Bahamas, China, Costa Rica, England, Ethiopia, Italy, Peru, Spain, Swaziland, and other exciting destinations. As part of our Global Initiatives and Trojan Outdoor Experience Programs, these opportunities connect our students and faculty with people around the world and increase their respect for themselves, each other, and the natural world.

  • Hike the Austrian, Italian, and German Alps;
  • Hone your acting skills at London's Globe Theatre;
  • Practice your Chinese and Spanish as you live with host families;
  • Expand your knowledge of biology while studying endangered species in Costa Rica;
  • Explore Costa Rica's rain forests and stay with local families;
  • Travel to historic sites all over Italy;
  • Hike the entire Inca Trail in Peru;
  • Experience the culture and beauty of Swaziland;
  • Find the leader within as you move out of your comfort zone and into new and transformative learning experiences with cultures from around the world!

Let new cultures be your teachers,

Let exploration and discovery be your mentors, and

Let challenges be your motivators!






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What have TVS students said about their experiences on

Trojans Abroad Programs?

“The culture, people and landscape of Piedras Blancas and Costa Rica as a whole were absolutely outstanding and gave me another new perspective on what life can look and feel like.” (Costa Rica 2015)

In the summer of 2015, 30 students who traveled to Austria, England, and Spain completed an anonymous survey about their trips. 100% agreed or strongly agreed that they were "satisfied with the trip as a whole" and "would recommend that other TVS students travel abroad on [that] trip or similar ones".

To learn more about the trips, CLICK HERE to see the blogs.

Scroll down to read their comments or click on a link to see responses to specific questions.

1. What are some of the reasons you would recommend this trip or trips like it to others?

2. What are some of the things you experienced that you think you will remember for many years to come.

3. What is something that you learned about yourself during the program?

4. Other/Additional comments


1 QUESTION: What are some of the reasons you would recommend this trip or trips like it to others?

"It is a good way to step out of your comfort zone and do things you've never done before" (Austria 2015)

"It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and it is such a great eye-opening experience(Austria 2015)

"… you see the culture in a different way than if you go with your family. You actually go out and explore. For example, had I gone on this trip with my family, we might have gone on a small hike, but nothing compared to what we did and had stayed in the more popular cities in Europe." (Austria 2015)

"Once in a lifetime opportunity. You learn so much about culture. You grow closer with your friends while hiking the Austrian Alps...Doesn't get much cooler than that." (Austria 2015)

"Studying Shakespeare at the Globe Theater is a once in a lifetime opportunity." (England 2015)

"Learning theatre/drama in real-time; application of skills to a worthwhile project; sightseeing of historic cities." (England 2015)

"I would recommend trips like this because the acting trip had everything I could possibly want to do and I got to perform with friends from school." (England 2015)

"It gave us the chance to fully immerse ourselves in Spanish culture." (Spain 2015)

"It allows students to experience another culture and way of see historical sites older than the United States...[and] to discuss with host families about how they view the world." (Spain 2015)

"Global connections are wonderful to have. I have a new family that I communicate with every day. My language skills improved immeasurably." (Spain 2015)

"The people were incredibly welcoming, making the home stay much less intimidating. We created life long relationships with our host families." (Spain 2015)

"To experience the culture of Spain. No book or film can substitute the experience." (Spain 2015)


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2 QUESTION: What are some of the things you experienced that you think you will remember for many years to come.

"I will always remember hiking/climbing to the two peaks in Austria. It was somewhat terrifying, but it was one of the coolest things I have ever done." (Austria 2015)

"Being able to stand one foot in Austria and the other foot in Italy is something that is so cool and unforgettable." (Austria 2015)

"The views were beyond beautiful. The hiking helped develop one's character

(perseverance and endurance). The Concentration Camp was an experience that I will never get again." (Austria 2015)

"We learned all different sorts of acting techniques, which I will not forget. We also had a lot of fun at shows and when we were running around London." (England 2015)

"I will definitely remember my rehearsals with our director, because I loved learning my character inside and out and he was an amazing person to work with." (England 2015)

"Great food; amazing host families!!" (Spain 2015)

"...definitely all the discussions I had with my host family after all of our dinners." (Spain 2015)

"Making croquetas with my host mom." (Spain 2015)

"I will definitely remember my host sister and family for the rest of my life..." (Spain 2015)

"One of the memories that I won't forget is watching someone cry as they finish the Camino de Santiago; it touched my heart." (Spain 2015)


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3 QUESTION: What is something that you learned about yourself during the program?

"I learned that I can get through anything if I just tell myself there is nothing to worry about. When we were rock climbing to dinner I was really scared and was about to give up, then I just told myself that there was nothing to be afraid of and I went all the way up and it was so much fun! (Austria 2015)

"I kind of already knew this but I realized how much I love traveling and trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone." (Austria 2015)

"Motivating others helps me to motivate myself." (Austria 2015)

"I learned that I am able to overcome my fears, and then be confident in them ." (Austria 2015)

"Culture is different but it's amazing experiencing it." (Austria 2015)

"It is more rewarding to really embrace and experience other cultures rather than stay in hotels." (Austria 2015)

"I would be interested in attending college in a different country and/or living there." (Austria 2015)

"I realized how prepared I actually am for a life in the professional acting world. Even though our days were very long and we were constantly attending a workshop or rehearsing our scenes, I enjoyed the work and the ability to spend so much time working on our performance." (England 2015)

"I realized I would do super well living in London and plan on going to college in the area." (England 2015)

"I learned how to communicate with people even if I don't fully know the language." (Spain 2015)

"I'm much more of a leader than I thought I was." (Spain 2015)

"I went into this trip scared that I wouldn't be able to communicate with anyone since my Spanish wasn't as developed, but I learned that as long as I tried, I was understandable and knew more Spanish than I thought!" (Spain 2015)

"I learned that I can adapt to foreign cultures and it helped me to appreciate other cultures." (Spain 2015)


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Other comments:

"The trip was amazing, and thank you to all of those who participated in making it happen." (Austria 2015)

"I could take this trip a thousand times over." (England 2015)

"The trip was amazing!!!" (Spain 2015)

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TVS Students Exploring Santiago, Spain

June 2015

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