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Posted Friday, May 19, 2017 
Our congratulations to the class of 2017! We are thrilled to provide this option for out-of-town family and friends of our graduates. To watch the 51st TVS Commencement, please click here. Viewing starts at 6:30 p.m.
Posted Monday, May 15, 2017 
Congratulations to the following employees celebrating TVS milestones this year:

5 years
Julie Frey, Kathy Heller, Gail Hutchinson, Julie Knudsen, Andrea Luttrell, Erin Nesbitt, John O’Reilly, Kim Pondrom, Alice Pritchett, Carrie Skains

10 years
Mary Andrews, Tina Harper, Sandy McNutt, Kirsten Murphy, Gloria Vasquez

15 years
Jennifer Cooke, Margaret Kramer

20 years
Robert Hughes, Jo-Ann Mulroy

25 years
Frances Dodson, David Rodriguez

30 years
Patty Wright
Posted Monday, May 15, 2017 
Bo Black '13 is featured on the Trinity University website.  Read here to learn about Bo's dedication to making a difference in the community.  Bo stays busy - intentionally - and gleans life lessons from mentors while impacting the lives of many around him.  Bo is someone you'd want on your team!
Posted Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017 
On April 12, attorney Markus Kypreos '96 visited Mr. Kenny's Constitutional Law class to discuss the podcast Serial with the students. Markus touched on a few constitutional issues, primarily the 6th Amendment and more specifically, the right to an impartial jury, as well as how the jury selection process played out in this case and the right to assistance of counsel and how that helped or hurt Adnan [the defendant] in this case. Markus shares, "More importantly, since the students have listened to a very entertaining yet extremely one-sided podcast, the hope is that they’ll listen to the counter-argument and leave the class wondering why they weren’t given that information in the first place, to question every news story and to seek out the complete story or at least understand that a story reported doesn’t always contain all of the facts, especially in today’s media." It is always rewarding to have our alumni on campus interfacing with future alumni, and Markus's visits are eagerly anticipated. Markus, former Alumni Association president and father of TVS kindergartener Nikki, is very generous to give back in time and treasure to Trinity Valley School. Thank you, Markus!
Posted Saturday, Apr 1, 2017 
Thanks to James Russell ’06, a journalist covering the Texas legislature in Austin, for requesting that Rep. Craig Goldman ’87 honor the 50th anniversary of the first graduating class with an official resolution presented before the legislature this week.  Says James, “I asked a fellow Trojan to file the resolution honoring the 50th anniversary of TVS' first graduating class because I know the school got us where we are today. We are not the only Trojans down here, though. We could have a caucus with TVS alumni dad Rep. Charlie Geren along with the various staffers and lobbyists.”  Thank you, James, and thank you, Craig!  This is a true honor.  
Posted Saturday, Apr 1, 2017 
Congratulations to our grads who were listed among D Magazine's best lawyers of 2017! 

Mike Lynn '68
practices at Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst
Christy Jack '84: we claim her in Fort Worth, where she practices at Varghese Summersett PLLC
Erin Hendricks '95: practices at Erin Hendricks Law

Posted Friday, Mar 24, 2017 
Don’t forget to sign up for the all-school reunion!  It is next Friday evening at 6:30.  Click here to register.
Contact Kathryn Davis with any questions:  We can’t wait to see you on March 31!
Posted Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017 
Congratulations to Ashley Riemitis ’16 on being named to the 2017 KCAC Women’s Golf Preseason Team!
Posted Wednesday, Mar 1, 2017 
On March 1, Elliot Blake '15 was named the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) Men's Track Athlete of the Week.  Elliot holds records at TVS: in addition to a team relay record, he ran the mile in 4:25, which earned him the second-place spot for the men's mile at TVS.  Running was only one of many activities while in school.  Not only did he excel academically, but he also served as Student Body president his senior year.  We are proud of this amazing young man!  He speaks for himself here
Posted Saturday, Jan 28, 2017 
Austin Henyon '13 received a prestigious honor from Rhodes College, where he is currently a senior.  On January 28, at Rhodes's football season-end banquet, Austin was awarded the Lester Crain Award for 2017 based on votes from both coaches and players. The plaque states the following: "The Lester Crain Award is given to the graduating senior football player who exemplifies the highest qualities of leadership and commitment to his teammates. Leadership qualities of personal integrity, courage, and honor will be the hallmarks of every Lester Crain Award recipient.”  Fantastic news, Austin.  We are proud of you!
Posted Thursday, Jan 19, 2017 

Sean Patrick Gallagher '09 visited TVS on Thursday, January 19 - his birthday, of all days! - to be part of the Middle School assembly. MS Drama Wizard Anna Carlson regaled the students with tales of Sean's rich and varied stage history at TVS. Sean, who now lives, sings, and performs in Los Angeles, sang "The Sadder-but-Wiser Girl for Me" from The Music Man for Middle School students and faculty. Click here to enjoy part of his song. Thank you for visiting, Sean - we are proud of all you have accomplished!

Posted Wednesday, Jan 11, 2017 
On Wednesday, January 11, Dr. Rick Goggans '67, medical director of Borden Cottage, traveled to Augusta, ME to serve as “Doctor of the Day” for the Maine Legislature. Click here to read more about this unique opportunity.  Congratulations to Rick, who is a member of the first graduating class at TVS, soon to celebrate 50 years since graduation.  These Golden Trojans will be honored at the all-school reunion on March 31. 
Posted Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017 
On Tuesday, January 3, many alumni joined former and current teachers to kick off 2017 with the annual alumni lunch.  Though the location was different this year, a good time was had by all.  Please mark your calendar now for next year's alumni lunch: Wednesday, January 3, 2018!
Posted Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017 
On January 3, the alumni soccer and basketball games took place on the TVS campus. 

Blessedly, the weather was more than accommodating for soccer.  Alum parents, faculty (including Head of School Ian Craig), and varsity soccer players competed with and against the alumni. The basketball game was a hit as always.  
Posted Friday, Dec 30, 2016 
The December 2016 issue of Fort Worth, Texas magazine was packed with honors for TVS alumni.  We are so proud to claim these folks.  Huge congratulations to all who were honored.  Please note: any omissions were entirely unintentional.  If your name was included in the magazine but was not on our list, please accept our hearty apologies and let Kathryn know of the oversight.  Thank you. 
Posted Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016 
What a treat to have Meera Namireddy, Ryan Jacobs, and Rowland Pettit - all 2012 TVS grads - as guests for the TVS Upper School Science Speaker Series. On December 13, this threesome, in their first year at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, visited with Upper School students considering careers in medicine and other scientific fields.  Meera (Rice University), Ryan (Washington University - St. Louis), and Rowland (Duke University) reflected on their TVS and undergrad experiences, and offered suggestions to Upper Schoolers on topics ranging from course choices to time management to internship possibilities.  They shared their contact information with the TVS students, and the doctors-to-be offered their time and support to their fellow Trojans who might seek their advice.  Thank you for sharing your day with us, you three! 
Posted Monday, Dec 12, 2016 

The TVS Upper School Science Speaker Series is welcoming some TVS alums tomorrow (Tuesday, December 12) during am flex in Trojan Hall. 
They will be discussing their college and medical school experiences.

Confirmed guests (all from TVS Class of '12) include:

Meera Namireddy (Rice undergrad, Baylor Medical School)
Ryan Jacobs (Washington University St. Louis undergrad, Baylor Medical School)
Rowland Pettit (Duke undergrad - played Lacrosse for Duke, Baylor Medical School)

Posted Thursday, Dec 1, 2016 
Check out this article, specifically selection #21! We are lucky indeed to have such a gorgeous campus. We are grateful to all those who made the Dutch Branch campus possible, and we offer thanks to those who work daily to keep it running smoothly and looking pristine. How wonderful to be recognized!
Posted Thursday, Dec 1, 2016 
Megan Flowers Skeels '92 is a runner's runner.  Her body and mind are those of a true champion.  Read here to learn more about her current hopes and dreams for the Boston Marathon.  Keep up the good work, Megan!
Posted Thursday, Dec 1, 2016 
Great news for our journalistic star Sudeep Reddy '97, who in December was named managing editor of Politico.  He was at The Wall Street Journal for nearly 10 years, most recently as deputy economics editor.  Congrats, Sudeep - we look forward to hearing even more from you!
Posted Friday, Nov 25, 2016 
October 21 was a fabulous night - perfect football weather, fun for all at the fiesta dinner, a stadium packed with Trojan fans, and a stunning victory over ESD. Alumni and current families watched the game and caught up with friends while little children bounced, had their faces painted, and played with balloon masterpieces. Afterwards, alumni gathered at Lone Star Oyster Bar to celebrate not only the Trojans' win but all the memories of their years at TVS.
Posted Friday, Nov 11, 2016 
On Friday, November 11, Michael Walton '11 was the guest speaker for the Upper School.  Michael discussed his journey from TVS through TCU, where he took on leadership roles and participated in many facets of University life, including leading Frog Camp for incoming TCU freshmen.  His college travels helped mold his heart and mind, and he served in the Dominican Republic for a year after graduation, putting his entrepreneurial management degree to use.  Michael was an engaging and upbeat speaker, offering gentle wisdom and encouragement to TVS Upper Schoolers.  Thank you for all you are doing to make the world a better place, Michael, and for spending time with future TVS alumni!
Posted Thursday, Nov 3, 2016 
Congratulations to Jody Bohnsack Clark '97, who was named the Texas School Counselors’ Association (TSCA) Junior High/Middle School Counselor of the Year for 2016-17!  Jody works at Scoggins Middle School, which is part of the Frisco (TX) ISD.  She will be honored at a luncheon in Dallas on November 3.
Posted Tuesday, Nov 1, 2016 
If you have not yet visited Fort Works Art, owned by Lauren Saba Childs '95 and J.W. Wilson '95, now is the time!  Lauren's exhibit, Spiral Fracture, runs through this Saturday, November 5.  And how cool to hear directly from the artist: Lauren is having an "Artist Talk" this Friday evening from 6-8.  Don't miss this opportunity! 
Posted Tuesday, Nov 1, 2016 
Brian Fleming '03 received the Master Teacher Award for his division at St. Mary’s Hall (San Antonio) last week.  This award is given to an individual who has made a significant impact on the lives of children.  The award comes with a $10,000.00 gift.  Brianteaches Middle School Social Studies and coaches girls' basketball and MS baseball.  The following comment was made at the ceremony: "Brian’s father, Dennis Fleming, with his bigger-than-life personality, and voice to match, must have caused a commotion in Heaven today.  More than likely, he shouted from the mountaintops, 'That is MY son!'  All of Heaven must have stopped to take note of the celebration." Congratulations on an honor well deserved, Brian! 
Posted Tuesday, Nov 1, 2016 
Exciting news from McKenzie Hightower '12, who shared that she was named a Rhodes Scholarship Finalist.  Whoa!  An amazing feat, McKenzie!  She will have her interview to study at Oxford in late November. McKenzie graduated from Notre Dame in May.  She is currently a Fulbright Student Scholar on an English Teaching Assistantship in Poland, teaching Applied Linguistics to undergraduate and masters students at Marie Curie Sklodowska University.  McKenzie is a Fulbright veteran, having been a Fulbright Summer Scholar in 2014.
Posted Monday, Oct 17, 2016 
Alyson Perkins '13 was crowned Homecoming Princess at Baylor University. Alyson represented Student Foundation as its nominee and was selected for the 2016 Homecoming Court on Thursday evening, October 13. Alyson is a Business Fellow with majors in Accounting, Marketing, and Public Relations and a minor in History.  What an honor, Alyson!
Posted Friday, Oct 7, 2016 
Posted Saturday, Oct 1, 2016 
TVS freshman (and new student) Samantha Wong is a field hockey wizard and already thinking toward college.  She recently made her first unofficial visit to Indiana University, where she met with Indiana's Head Field Hockey Coach Amanda Janney '95.  It's a small world, and how wonderful to make Trinity Valley connections wherever you are!  Thanks to Claire Lawhon Pearce '01, one very proud TVS field hockey coach, for sharing! 
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