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Students in 9th and 10th are required to bring a a wireless device (tablet or laptop) to school every day. This BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program is part of our overal 1:1 initiative. See 1:1 iPad Program under Middle School Technology.

We are very excited by the possibilities which this program creates for our students and teachers and the new opportunities for learning it enables us to offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of device does my child need for the BYOD?

Any laptop, netbook or tablet with a 7" screen or larger and wireless connectivity will be sufficient.

Is a Nook or a Kindle OK?

Yes, as long as it has wireless connectivity and a browser that is HTML5 compatible. See list below.

Are there any software requirements?

The device should have a browser that is HTML5 compatible. See list below. This should enable your child to use most interactive web subscriptions and features that will be needed for his/her schoolwork.

What about Flash?

If your child's teacher uses a site that requires Flash and your child has an iPad, we will provide him/her with a Flash-enabled browser.

What about the Office Suite?

While your child may find the Office suite helpful, it is not required. There are many free alternatives to the Office Suite such as GoogleDrive and OpenOffice.

Does my child still need a graphing calculator?

Yes. This device will not replace the graphing calculator, which is required for Algebra 2 and beyond.  This requirement is spelled out in our course descriptions.  

Is a laptop a better choice than a tablet?

This will be a personal decision for your family. You should take into account what devices you may already own and what device suits your child's work style.

There are also some upper-level courses, such as the AP sciences and accelerated math courses, for which a laptop may be much more suitable than a tablet. You may want to consider this before purchasing a new tablet for your upper school child.

* HTML5 Compatible Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9 & 10
  • Firefox 7 and higher
  • Chrome 14 and higher
  • Safari and higher
  • Opera 1 and higher
  • Mobile Safari 3.2 and higher
  • Opera Mobile 5 and higher
  • Android 2.1 and higher

Owen Nesbitt
Middle/Upper School Educational Technology Specialist

Sherry Duncan
Network Administrator

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