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Middle school technology

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1:1 iPad Program

Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 are required to bring an iPad to school every day. The iPad is purchased and owned by the family. We are very excited about this program which has been several years in planning. We are committed to providing your children the best education possible and we know that this program is helping us to provide them the 21st Century skills which are critical to their future. Our faculty have spent much time learning new skills and recreating their lessons to create an environment in which iPads are a valuable and effective learning tool. For more information about why we chose a 1:1 iPad program, see this article on Dr. Mike Kris's blog Notes from the Middle.


Frequently Asked Questions

What model of iPad should I buy?

For students entering 6th grade in 2016-17, and for new purchases, we recommend the iPad Air 2 64GB Wi Fi model. 

Minimum requirement is iPad Air Wi Fi model 32GB.

Is an iPad mini OK?

Yes. If your child will be using a mini, you should consider a bluetooth keyboard as the mini's onscreen keyboard is small.See iPad Keyboards below.

Is a refurbished iPad OK?

Yes. In fact, if your child is entering 8th grade, a refurbished iPad might be an excellent choice, especially if he/she is considering using a laptop in 9th grade.

What apps does my child need?

Your child's teachers will determine the required apps. Any paid apps that are required will be furnished by the school. Your child may be asked to download free apps.

Does my child need her own iTunes account?

All students in grades 6 - 8 are given an iTunes account based on their school email address. They use this account to download any free apps required by their teachers.

What if my child's iPad is damaged or stolen?

Since your child will be taking the iPad back and forth between home and school, we strongly recommend that you purchase the Apple Care + protection plan which covers accidental damage for two years. We also strongly recommend that you purchase a rugged protective case. See iPad Cases below.

Students will be required to lock the iPad in their locker when it is not in use. Sixth grade cubbies will be equipped with locking doors for this purpose.

Ultimately, though, each child is responsible for his/her own iPad as with other personal items of value.

Will the internet be filtered on my child's iPad?

Yes. Your child's iPad will connect to the TVS Student Wi Fi network while at school and will receive the same protective filtering as any other computer at school.

Do I need to have wi fi at home?

While wireless internet connectivity at home is not required, the iPad is much less effective without it, and your child may not be able to complete some assignments. If you are not able to provide wireless internet access at home, please communicate this with your child's teachers so that they can plan accordingly.

Will my child be using only digital textbooks next year?

At this time, not all publishers offer digital textbooks for the courses we offer. However, we are very sensitive to the issue of heavy backpacks and would like to move toward providing as many digital textbooks for your child as possible.

How can my child print from the iPad?

One of the things we hope to accomplish with this program is a reduction in paper use. However, sometimes printing will be helpful and in these cases, wireless printers will be available in the middle school for your child's use.

What if there are technical difficulties with my child's iPad?

There is a Student Help Desk, manned by upper school students available to middle and upper school students and faculty. They will be able to help your child with any software or iOS issues.

For hardware issues, it will be the student's responsibility to obtain service through Apple Care + or a local Apple store.

Can I get an educational discount on the iPad or Apple Care for iPad?

Unfortunately, there is no educational discount for the iPad or the Apple Care for iPad. Apple only offers educational discounts for their Mac products. These are intended for educators and college students.

iPad Cases:

Students are required to have a proctective case for the iPad. Sixth graders are also required to have keyboards. Cases must have the following features:

  • corner protection
  • edge protection
  • a stand for easy viewing
  • should fit the iPad snugly

Below are some protective cases and keyboard cases we recommend. (Most are available as well for iPad mini.)

Rugged iPad Cases Rugged iPad Cases with Keyboards
K12 Shockwave
K12 Rugged Folio
Otterbox Defender
ClamCase Pro

Gumdrop Case
Griffin Survivor Case


Trent Airbender Pro
Snugg iPad 360
ZAGG Rugged Folio Case
ClamCase Pro
Targus Versavu Keyboard Case

Messenger Bags

Parents can purchase these messenger-style protective bags for transporting the iPad between home and school and between classes. These are NOT to replace a protective case. All iPads must be in a protective iPad case (see above.) These are to be used in conjunction with a case for transporting the iPad.

There are two models to choose from. Last year's bags may be purchased for $10 each. We have chosen an updated version of the bag for this year. It has a top zipper closure which is much more convenient than the hook-style closure of last year's bag. These may be purchased for $22 each. Both bags are imprinted with the TVS logo.

2014-15 Bag           2015-16 Bag
$10 each $22 each


Messenger Bag Order Form.




Owen Nesbitt
Middle/Upper School Educational Technology Specialist

Sherry Duncan
Network Administrator

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