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Connecting with others face-to-face

Recent research on pedagogy and centuries of anecdotal evidence show us that experiential learning is one of the most effective ways to learn. We offer our students repeated opportunities to host foreign guests and study abroad, we welcome teachers from different cultures and experiences to work with our students and faculty in and out of the classroom, and we invite guest speakers to share their stories with our community. These experiences help us learn about different cultures, and we all benefit from this ever-growing network of global friendships. In-person contacts advance cognitive, communicative, and collaborative skills, and our community progresses as we learn to empathize and treat all others with dignity.

Presently, international students from China and South Korea live with our families and attend classes as full-time TVS students, and foreign families who live in Fort Worth temporarily are also an important part of our community. 

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Homestays/Foreign Student Visitors
Foreign Visiting Teachers
Study/Travel Abroad
Other Guests

Homestays/Foreign Student Visitors at TVS  

CLICK HERE to learn more about how to become a TVS host family!

Since 2011, more than 100 TVS students and faculty have hosted 240 international students, teachers, and assistant teachers in their homes and on campus. Guests have come from Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, England, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, & Switzerland.

  • 9 young women from the Aussie Basketball Travellers from Australia competed with our girls varsity team in an International Goodwill Game in Dec. 2015. The girls had dinner together after the game, and TVS students and coaches hosted our guests that night. In 2016, our JV and V boys and V girls teams played 13 boys and 8 girls from the same organization.

  • 1 Sophomore from Vancouver, Canada spent time in our classes and stayed with a TVS student for 2 weeks (Fal 2015)

  • 19 Upper School students and 5 Teachers from Toluca, Mexico (Fort Worth’s Mexican Sister City)—lived with TVS host families for 3 weeks in 2012, '13, & '14; while here, they attended classes with a TVS student host, experienced Thanksgiving, taught lesons to and played games with Lower School students, and visited major Fort Worth/Dallas/Arlington attractions 

  • 44 Middle School students and 6 Teachers/Staff from Nagaoka, Japan (Fort Worth’s Japanese Sister City)—lived with TVS families for 9-10 days in 2012, '13, & '14; while here, they attended classes with a TVS student host, taught lessons to and played games with students in our Lower and Middle Schools, and visited major Fort Worth/Arlington attractions

  • 14 Upper School students, 6 Middle School students and 3 Teachers from Beijing, China (including 12 students from Beijing High School No. 4, one of China's premier schools)lived with TVS families for 3 weeks in 2014 and 2 weeks in 2015 & 2016; while here, they attended classes with TVS hosts, taught lessons to and played games with students in our Lower and Middle Schools, and visited major Fort Worth/Dallas/Arlington attractions

  • 15 students from Trier, Germany (Fort Worth's German Sister City) visited our campus for a day and were day-hosted by 15 TVS Upper School students (Spring 2012); In March/April 2017, we will host 12 high school students and 2 teachers from Trier for 10 days.
  • 2 Students from Brazil and Colombia visited us for 1-2 weeks (on separate occasions) to experience TVS education; they were day-hosted by Upper School students (Fall 2011, Spring 2012)
  • 45 student musicians and faculty from the Cartagena, Colombia Youth Orchestra performed for our Middle School and had lunch with a number of Upper School students—a chance for our students to practice their Spanish and make new Facebook friends! (Fall 2011) Click here to get a glimpse of that experience.
  • A sophomore from Austria stayed with a TVS family and attended classes with TVS hosts for 2 weeks (2014); she also talked with students about the benefits of learning other languages in the Middle School and shard stories about life in Austria with Lower & Upper School students. 

  • Each summer, a number of students participate in Fort Worth Sister Cities’ International Leadership Academy; they spend 2 weeks living in dorms with other high school students from 8 different nations and they work together to discuss major global issues and present videos and skits about them

Foreign Visiting Teachers (Not accompanying students)

CLICK HERE to learn more about how to become a TVS host family!

  • 2 Student Researchers (1 from the Netherlands and 1 from Sweden) spent time observing our teachers and interacting with our students in Kindergarten, 2nd grade, and MS Art to collect data for their Education majors (Fall 2016);
  • 2 Teachers from the Prague British School in the Czech Republic observed and taught lessons in the Lower, Middle, & Upper Schools for a week (May 2015);

  • 12 Student Teachers from VIA University and 1 from UC SYD in Denmark—observed, co-taught, and lead-taught lessons for grades 2 - 8 students for 5 weeks (2012-13, 2015-17);

  • 5 Assistant Teachers from Zurich University in Switzerland—observed, co-taught, and lead-taught lessons in the Upper & Middle Schools for 4 weeks (Springs 2015-17);

  • 30+ Higher Education faculty from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Belgium, China (mainland and Taiwan), and the USA visited classes and spoke with faculty when TVS co-hosted with Texas Christian University the European Teacher Education Network’s meetings (Fall 2012;
  • 1 Pre-School teacher from London, UK spent 2 weeks observing and co-teaching our Lower School classes (Fall 2012) 

Study/Travel Abroad
TVS has a long history of faculty-led trips abroad. Faculty/Staff, students, parents, and alumni also travel extensively on their own (to over 110 countries, according a 2011 survey of the entire TVS community).

Click here to see where some recent TVS travelers have been—and where some might be now!

Other recent trips include:
For past & upcoming trips, please see our Student Resources TVS Trips abroad listings or our Trojans Abroad Programs blog pages!

  • In 2017, 5 students will travel to Mbabane, Swaziland (Fort Worth's African Sister City), 15 will hike the Inca Trail in Peru, and 25 will explore the rain forests of Costa Rica;
  • 13 students explored major cities and historical sites in Italy, including the island of Capri, Herculaneum, Rome, Pompeii, Florence, and Venice (Summer 2016);

  • 7 students lived with host families, attended classes at our partner school Beijing High School No. 4, and toured major sites (including the Great Wall) for 2 weeks in Beijing then explored Xi'an and its surrounding spots for 3 days (including the Terra Cotta Army Museum) (Summer 2016);

  • 24 students lived on boats in the Bahamas for 8 days and fished for their food, scuba dived, and learned about life on the ocean. (Spring Break 2016;

  • 10 students explored the rain forests of Costa Rica for 8 days on this new biology trip. (Spring Break 2016;
  • 20 students hiked the Austrian Alps and experienced Austrian culture on a trip coordinated and led by Upper School Spanish teacher (and Austrian citizen) Sra. Bussey (Summer 2015);

  • 11 students lived with Spanish host families for 2 weeks and explored northern Spain as part of a language immersion trip (Summer 2015);

  • 8 students took a week of classes at the Globe Theatre in London, watched several plays/musicals, and explored parts of England (Summer 2015);
  • 8 students accompanied Dr. Roemer to Beijing, China to live with families and attend school with students at our partner school, Beijing High School No. 4; they also visited the Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, the Great Wall, the 798 Arts District... (Summer 2014);

  • 4 students and 3 faculty pioneered a Service Learning trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to learn and work with a community in need (Spring Break 2014);
  • Many students have traveled as Fort Worth Sister Cities International’s Cultural Ambassadors to China, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, and Swaziland. These are 10-14 day homestays in our Sister Cities;

  • Dozens of Upper School students (including a few recent grads) lived on a boat in the Bahamas for 10 days as part of our Trojan Outdoor Experience program (Summer 2012, 2013, 2014);
  • 40 Upper School students traveled with TVS faculty to Spain for 10 days (Summer 2012);
  • 26 Upper School students traveled with faculty to Italy and Greece for 10 days (Summer 2012)

Other Guests

  • The Mayor of Friesing, Germany and his wife accompanied alumna and professional artist Sallie McIleran Wunner (’86) and her husband to Fort Worth, and we arranged for the Friesing Mayor to talk with Fort Worth’s Mayor Price; they also answered questions from our Upper School students (Fall 2012);
  • The Zuzu African Performers (Kenya) entertained our Upper School one afternoon (Fall 2016);
  • Longtime resident of different parts of Africa spoke in French with our French language students (Spring 2012) and with English classes (Fall 2012) about her experiences in French-speaking African nations;
  • A local holocaust survivor from the former Czechoslovakia spoke with our 8th graders about his experiences and about being an “upstander” against hate (every academic year since 2011);
  • 4th through 6th grade students had a lesson on Tai Chi in PE classes (Fall 2011);
  • Two Kenyans spoke with an English teacher’s classes about African colonization and decolonization (Fall 2011);
  • Special Agent Taliaferro spoke with 10th and 11th graders about his experiences abroad with the State Department (Fall 2011);
  • Ballet Folklorico de Azteca students performed for 3rd and 4th graders to help them learn about and celebrate Mexican Independence Day (Fall 2011)

In addition to these guests, our educators invite university professors, public leaders, business experts, and a host of other influential, dynamic individuals to share their time and experiences with our community.


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Visiting Mexican students teach 4th graders a new game

Student teachers from Denmark with Lower School students

Director of Global Initiatives

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