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TVS International Goodwill Ambassador 

This certificate recognizes Upper School students who have shown a commitment to improving our community’s understanding of, and who have had repeated interactions with, people from different cultures. Contact Dr. Roemer to nominate yourself or a friend. New and repeat award recipients must have participated in at least three new programs/activities each year:

1. Successfully completed (or nearly completed) the highest level of world language study offered at TVS or approved online course,
2. Able to converse with fluency or near fluency in more than one language,
3. Traveled/Studied for at least 8 days in a foreign country on a formal program,
4. Hostied or was hosted by one or more individuals from abroad,
5. Participated in a local or domestic international program,
6. Active member of an international club (e.g., Jr. World Affairs Council, International Food Club, etc.),
7. Completed volunteer work in another country,
8. Made a formal presentation of knowledge gained from experience with another culture,
9. Successfully completed (or nearly completed) coursework on advanced international topics (e.g., AP European History; AP Human Geography, AP World History, Global Leadership, Religion in Culture, etc.),
10. Volunteered at an International Fair (TVS or elsewhere),
11. Other (contact Dr. Roemer for other suggestions)


TVS Global Citizenship Award 

This award recognizes exceptional Upper School student leadership in the world through an intimate understanding of, and repeated interactions with, people from different parts of the globe. The recipient has proven to be a conscientious global citizen through actions such as travel to foreign countries, advanced communication skills in at least one foreign language, hosting or being hosted by people from one or more countries, or participation in domestic international programs. See the above list for examples.

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Host an International Guest

Experience another culture without leaving your home--and share our culture with our international guests. TVS families are invited to host 1-2 students/adults at a time from one or more of these countries. Guests need a place to sleep, a hospitable home, and some meals with your family. See below for details and contact Dr. Roemer to learn more!

Fall 2017:

1. Toluca, Mexico (8-10 students and 1-2 teachers; 3 weeks--mid-Nov - early Dec). This is the 4th year of these exchanges with our partner school in our Sister City, and it's an incredible way to share Thanksgiving with some amazing young people!


Contact Dr. Roemer to express your interest in hosting (one of these guests or in the future)!

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Local/State CAMPS and Programs


Camp CommUNITY  
(Multicultural Alliance) Students from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and options come together for a 5-day residential camp focusing on leadership and social change. For current 10-12th grades; advanced registration around May 1. Camp dates: June 27-July 1, 2016; Cost: $300 (financial aid available)

Global Ethics and Conflict Resolution Summer Symposium for High School Students  
(Univ. of Texas at Austin) This camp is a unique university program for high school students interested in talking about the world, conflicts, and ethics and learning some skills of their own; fees range from $885-$1400. Discount for UT System employees. June 19 - July 2, 2016 (1 or 2 weeks). Deposit is due by May 20, 2016. Costs and other details are explained on their Web site: (some scholarships available). Registration forms needed are downloadable from the Web site. 

International Leadership Academy  
(Fort Worth Sister Cities International) 2-week residential program focusing on making international friends and gaining leadership skills. Upper School (For current 9-12th grades; applications due Feb. 17, 2017 (inlcudes Teacher Recommendations); program dates July 15 - 30, 2017; Cost: $1050; CLICK HERE to learn more and get application)

Middle School (6th-8th grades at time of registration; registration due April 21, 2017; program dates July 10 - 14, 2017; Cost $325; CLICK HERE to learn more)

Fort Worth Youth International
Join the Youth Board for Fort Worth Sister Cities International and get involved in their activities while meeting people from around the world. Excellent community service opportunities! 

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Domestic CAMPS AND Programs


American University Community of Scholars
(3-week pre-college intensive program for rising 11-12th graders focusing on international relations in Washington D.C.; college credits available)
Dates: July 5 - 22, 2016 
Application: Due in April/May; includes a Teacher Recommendation
Cost: approx. $2,975 (does not include airfare) 

Columbia University Summer Programs
(3-week pre-college academic classes on a variety of topics in New York City; not for credit)
Grades: 16 years old or older at time of application
Dates: June 26 - July 16 OR July 18 - Aug 6, 2016
Application: rolling admissions until classes fill; review process begins in January
Cost: approx. $10,645 (does not include airfare to NYC)

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For info and reviews of previous TVS programs, CLICK HERE.


Swaziland  (Spring break 2017)

Australia School-to-School, Family-to-Family Exchange (July 2017)

Costa Rica  T.O.E. Beyond Adventure in the Rain Forests (June 2017)

PeruInca Trail T.O.E. Beyond Exploration of the Inca Trail of the Andes (June 2017)

Possible Future Trips

Spring break / SUMMER 2018

  1. Quebec Language/Cultural Immersion (Spring Break, 8 days, approx. $4,000-4,500)
  2. Bahamas T.O.E. Beyond Adventure on the ocean (June, 8-10 days, $2,500-3,000)
  3. England  British Theatre Trip (June, 8-10 days, approx. $5,300) For Students & Parents 
  4. Northern Spain Language-Culture Immersion/Home stay Program (Late June-mid-July, 3 weeks, approx. $5,500)
  5. Galapagos Science Exploration (June or July)


  1. Austria T.O.E. Beyond Hike the Austrian Alps (June 2019)
  2. Bolivia Family/Student Cultural-Service Experience (Spring Break or July 2019)
  3. China Homestay/Language/Cultural Immersion Program (June 2019)
  4. England British Literature Trip (July 2019)
  5. Italy Historical Monuments/Cultural Exploration Trip (June 2019)

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Other Trips Abroad (in alphabetical order):

The following abbreviated list is mainly for summer programs for 15-18-year-olds. There are also Gap Year programs (between high school graduation and beginning college) and semester and year-long programs available. Contact Dr. Roemer for more information.

When selecting a study abroad program beyond what TVS already offers, a few things you need to consider first are:
1. where you want to go,
2. for how long/when you want to go,
3. what you want the focus to be (e.g., language, community service, TOE-like experience, school credit, home stay…),
4. about how much you can spend,
5. why you want to go abroad.

--African Leadership Academy Global Scholars Program 
(19-day global leadership program in South Africa; join an exclusive group of high school students from around the world; experience parts of southern Africa; volunteer with local organizations; make new friends)
Dates: June - Aug 2016 (four 20-day Session Options)
Ages: 15-19
Application deadline: May 2017; applications received after that are wait-listed
Tuition: about $4,200 (does not include airfare to Johannesburg; some scholarships available) 
**Study abroad and gap year programs alsoavailable at the African Leadership Academy

--CIEE High School Summer Abroad
(Language, Service Learning, Science, Arts, History, and other trips to Germany, the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Botswana, Ireland, Morocco, and more!)

Dates: Summer - vary per trip & destination (June - Aug)
Grades: 9-12th at time of application (late Fall/early Spring)
Application deadlines: Dec. 1, 2016
Tuition: $3,500 - $7,000 (not including airfare; merit & financial scholarships available for TVS students)

--Experiment Leadership Institute
(Fully-funded 6-week leadership programs in South Africa or India)
Dates: July 3 - Aug 11, 2017
Grades: Current Juniors only
Application deadline: Jan. 18, 2017
Tuition: FREE!

--Fort Worth Sister Cities International
(9-11 day culture exchange/home stay trips to Hungary, Germany, Italy, or Mexico for Spring Break or to Japan or Indonesia in the summer)
Grades: 8-12 (at time of application)
Applications: due October 14 (including teacher recommendation)
Costs: approx. $350~3,800 (includes airfare and other expenses); scholarships available; cost depends on destination (Harashin Scholarship to Japan is $350 plus some hosting expenses)

--Oxbridge Academic Programs
(4-week pre-college academic programs and language immersion in England, France, Spain, or Scotland)
Grades: 8-12 at time of application
Dates; July - Aug., dates vary per destination
Applications: rolling admissions until full; apply by Jan./Feb. for first choice of classes
Costs: approx. $8,000 (varies per destination; does not include airfare; scholarships available) 

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--SPI Study Abroad
(2- to 4-week language and cultural immersion programs and homestay experience in China, Costa Rica, France, Italy, and Spain; college credits possible)
Grades: 9-12 at time of application
Applications: Rolling admissions until full
Cost: approx. $3,600-6,300 (varies per destination; does notinclude airfare); scholarships available) 

--School Year Abroad
(5-week language and cultural immersion in China, France, and Spain; global studies training in Italy)
Grades: 9-12 at time of application
Approx. dates: mid-June to end of July, 2016 (varies per country)
Applications: rolling admissions until full; apply by spring (opens late Jan.)
Cost: approx. $6,300 (does not include airfare)
**Yearlong programs also available 

--Texas Global Education
(Local non-profit organization that offers 3-4 week cultural/homestay and language exchanges in Costa Rica, Greece, and Japan)
Grades: High school
Approx. dates: July (varies depending on destination)
Applications: Due mid-March
Cost: $1,800-4,000 (depending on destination; scholarships are available) 

--U.S. State Department Youth Ambassadors Programs
(3-4 week Youth Ambassadors, Youth Leadership, American Youth Leadership Program; These trips are fully funded by the State department; click on the above link for more details/application.
Cost: Free (these trips are funded by the State Department and other entities)
Ages: 15-18
Applications: Varies per program/country (check Web site for details)

--Where There Be Dragons
(4-6 week service/adventure/cultural/language exchange trips to China, Southeast Asia, Himalayas, Latin America, Africa, Middle East; college credits possible)
Applications: rolling admissions until trips are full; apply by spring
Ages: 15-22
Dates: June - Aug; varies per destination
Applications: Best before Feb. 1 for summer programs; rolling admissions afterwards until trips full
Cost: approx. $6,400-8,000 (includes airfare); scholarships available; cost depends on destination/length of trip
**Semester and Gap Year programs available too

There are many other programs available for you to consider. Talk with Dr. Roemer if you are interested in going abroad on one of these or if you'd like help seraching for other programs.

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Think about it.
Talk about it.
Do something.  

Director of Global Initiatives

Dr. Michael Roemer


Skype: TVSGlobal

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